Police nab 3 wanted break & entry suspects in their home, retrieve items

-Woman chastises officers for entering without warrant 
In this screen grab of a video, the woman was upbraiding the officer who had just arrested her son, one of the three wanted suspects

Three men, wanted by the police were taken into custody on Thursday afternoon after a search at their La Parfaite Harmony, West Bank Demerara, home revealed items which were allegedly stolen.

This is according to the Police “D” Division commander, Leslie James when he responded to comments regarding a video which went viral on social media this morning.
The video displayed ranks spread out in the suspects home conducting a search, taking items and then arresting the three young men -identified as Orin Chung, Quincy Casey and Andrew Peters.
The video which was reportedly recorded by the mother of the three men, saw the woman hurling profanities at the officers, accusing them of entering her premises without producing a search warrant.
Inews was told by a police source, that while a warrant is “by the book,” it is not usually necessary due to the nature of the incident- for example, when searching for drugs, arms and ammunition or stolen items. This, it was explained, is because of the time it would take to acquire a warrant.
At around 13:30hrs on Thursday police were reportedly acting on information received, that the three suspects who were wanted in a previous break and entry/ larceny incident, had stored the stolen items at their home.
As such, after the search was conducted, a television set and laptop which are alleged to be stolen, were retrieved.
Investigations are ongoing. (Ramona Luthi)


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