Law very clear on how to deal with attempts to disrupt polls – GECOM PRO

GECOM PRO Yollanda Warde
GECOM PRO Yollanda Warde speaking with the media earlier today

As voting in Guyana’s Local Government Elections continues this afternoon (Monday), Public Relations Officer of the Guyana Elections Commission (GECOM), Yolanda Warde, has said that the law is very clear in relation to any attempts by anyone to prevent persons from exercising their democratic right to vote for a party or candidate of their choice.

The PRO was in fact responding to questions being posed by members of the media regarding allegations that persons attempted to disrupt polling in at least two areas – Sophia and Whim – this morning.

“If that is the case, it is a situation that would have to be managed very closely. We have Police Officers on site and I hope that Returning Officers in the respective areas were informed. The law clearly states the amount of feet and yards where the polls have to be held uninterrupted,” Warde said.

The PRO has since promised to look into the claims and to provide an update soon.

The voting process across the country so far has been described as generally smooth with some persons experiencing minor difficulties in casting their vote.

There are 1,676 polling stations across the country and polls are expected to close at 18:00h.


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