Indian Construction Firm says it will not give into AFC’s ‘extortion scheme’

L - R: AFC Member, Beverly Alert; AFC Leader, Khemraj Ramjattan; and Dominic Gaskin. [Photo: iNews]
Leader of the AFC, Khemraj Ramjattan
Leader of the AFC, Khemraj Ramjattan

Surendra Engineering Company Limited (SECL) has rejected accusations and comments made by Leader of the Alliance for Change (AFC), Khemraj Ramjattan as it relates to the award of the Specialty hospital.

According Chief Executive Officer of SECL, Brijen Parikh, “We wish to bring closure to this constant provocation by Mr. Ramjattan either in his capacity as a private citizen or as a politician and parliamentarian or as the representative of Fedders Lloyd.”

SECL says it will not “succumb to any extortion scheme executed under the guise of political representation by any opposition.”

Parikh, in an email comment to iNews says, “the accusation made by Mr. Ramjattan about SECL being blacklisted by Guysuco, we would like to direct your attention to an article published in Guyana Chronicle Newspaper on 07th June 2013 wherein, Mr. Paul Bhim, CEO Guysuco has categorically rejected any claim about SECL being blacklisted or defective spare parts being provided. We fail to understand, why Mr. Ramjattan is repeatedly questioning the same thing that has been denied by the CEO of Guysuco.”

On the AFC’s accusation of SECL being inexperience in the construction of a specialty hospital, Parikh said, “we have submitted necessary relevant proof of our experience with the bid documents which in turn helped us gain the contract in question. Also for further information we have given a latest progress report to the concerned authorities. Any further clarifications may be sought from the national authorities.”

Parikh further debunked Ramjattan’s claim that Fedders Lloyd had sought assistance from Indian High Commission in Guyana, which in turn referred them to him, for support as a parliamentarian.

“SECL is not aware and also there is no evidence of any such happening. However, Indian High Commission will be the right authority to clarify this matter.”

On Ramjattan’s comment that he is currently in contact with a member of the Indian Parliament which is following on concerns raised by himself and Fedders Lloyd (the other bidder for the project), Parikh noted “we request you (Mr. Ramjattan) to please enlighten us with name of the member of the Parliament, so that we can raise the issue with Ministry of Foreign Affairs-Delhi, India regarding the same.”

SECL says it feels that “despite all the information and proof provided and also answering every question raised by the AFC, they remain unmoved and believe that the deal is corrupt and maintain that they object to SECL’s construction without any valid reason to do and feel so.”

SECL observed that “it seems to be clear that they (AFC) do not intend to understand the facts but only want to find ways and reasons to not support this project and to avoid restoring the budget appropriations for it thus favoring Fedders Lloyd or otherwise.”

The AFC did not support budgetary allocation for the specialty hospital being funded by the Indian government.  Ramjattan has reportedly been lobbying on behalf of one of the bidders- Fedders Lloyd.




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