Gunmen invade Cummings Lodge apartment building


By Kurt Campbell

The window through which the gunmen gained entry. [iNews' Photo]
The window through which the gunmen gained entry. [iNews’ Photo]
[] – Five men, three of whom were armed with firearms invaded a house, comprising of four apartments in First Field, Cummings Lodge just before midnight on Friday, February 28.

Recalling the horrific ordeal was Pamela Phillips, who lived in the back apartment, on the lower flat of the two storey building with her three children [two sons and one daughter].

She told iNews that she was about to retire to bed at about 23:50hrs when a male jumped through her bedroom window holding the family at gunpoint.

According to the tenant, it wasn’t long before three others entered the apartment through the same window, while another kept guard outside. Phillips said the men demanded money, jewellery and the keys to a shop that is also attached to the building.

According to the distraught woman, the shop belonged to the owner of the house, who resided in the upper flat and as such she was unable to provide the keys to the unrelenting gunmen.

Phillips said her two sons were beaten badly by the armed men who ransacked their home, taking away jewellery, money, cellular phones and a laptop in the process.

“They beat them bad, had then laying on the floor with his foot on his neck, my other son get beat to his face, they probably thought we owned the shop but we didn’t.”

According to Phillips, the men then left her apartment and went to the upper flat of the building where she subsequently heard screams. She said the screams alerted neighbours who ventured outside their houses.

The men subsequently ran off, without gaining entry to the shop. Phillips told iNews that of the five men only one was masked. She said they all looked very young but none was known to her.

Phillips added that of the three years which she resided in the area, this is the first time such an incident has occurred. She said police has since visited the home and an investigation is underway.



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