Eyewitness: Different strokes…


…for different bites

Now that the waters have settled from the storm in the teacup up at Grand Army Plaza in Brooklyn in the alleged “Rally against racism” by the PPP in Guyana, we’re beginning to see some light. And it ain’t making some folks look good at all!! First of all, you had a bunch of MPs and other officials from the PNC posse – the ones who didn’t have their visas revoked!! – and who looked like they were singing for their supper. All from the lyrics sheet they were handed by the Brooklyn Con-man doing his hustle to some “neva-see-come-fuh-see” hicks!!!

But the biggest loser was Congressman Hakeem Jeffries who allowed his very (very!) close connection with the grifter to “tie bundle” with him! He went out so far on a limb that his judgement is being questioned on the Hill. After all, he can’t very well place his political capital on the line on the untenable accusations he hurled at the PPP about their “racism” for PERSONAL reasons. Cause part of that capital comes from the fact he’s Chair of the Democratic Caucus in the House…and it might look like he’s speaking for the entire Democratic Party. Which he sure as heck ain’t doing! Even for the Black Caucus – as was shown by senior Texan Black Congress members Al Green and Sheila Jackson-Lee honouring VP Jagdeo!! He was implicitly bitch-slapped!!

Now that PPP’s Gail Teixeira has just sent a 28-pg dossier to all members of Congress and the Senate – not to mention all international agencies – showing chapter and verse, the utter barefacedness of the Brooklyn hustlers to question the bona fides of the PPP’s legitimacy to govern, Jeffries will have even more mud on his face – at a time when he least needs it! Quite serendipitously, he’s leading the charge for the “Voting Rights Advancement Act”, to restore voting rights protections that have been dismantled by the Supreme Court. Which affects adversely Blacks and other minorities – like suppressing voting by making it more difficult by insisting on bureaucratic niceties – ignoring the substantive essence of the right to vote!!

So, guess what? Now that the House has narrowly passed the Bill, it goes to the Senate, where the Republicans are in charge! And they’re going to be knocking Jeffries’ hypocrisy for knocking Trump’s policies and supporting the PNC claims – disenfranchising voters amounting to three seats in 47 Ballot Boxes. Just because of some bureaucratic bungling that “disappeared” the polling papers but containing all the ballots!!
Most hypocritically, Jeffries was just caught on camera insisting that “free and fair elections are central to our liberty”!!
Yeah right!! Just not for Guyana??

…on women’s equality

Yesterday, the US observed “Women’s Equality Day”, which they’ve been doing since 1971. And after Feminist Movements versions 1, 2 and 3, your Eyewitness must echo that old Virginia Slims advertisement – “You’ve come a long way, baby!!” Especially when he now has to insist that it’s not said in a condescending way!! So, the question is: how have we been doing on the Women’s Equality front here in good, ole mudland?

Frankly, not so great. Sure, we’ve had a woman President (Janet Jagan) …but we still only insist that Parliament must have 33% women MP!! Imagine calling for equality in ethnic representation in the Executive, but not for women!! And then there’s jobs and salaries…women are still not represented in top executive positions in business, and even when they’ve broken that barrier, there’s a “glass barrier on salaries!!
And, most of all, their “house work” doesn’t count as “work” – which in reality isn’t given value in the only form that counts – money!!
“A firm handshake” doesn’t count!!

…on vaccination

Your Eyewitness appreciates the need for autonomy and all that. But isn’t it supremely selfish for refuseniks to place their “choice” on COVID vaccination ahead of others who want to enjoy their right to life?