Zeelugt residents complain of bee infestation

Killer bees
Killer bees

Some 40 households at Zeelugt on the West Coast of Demerara (WCD) have been affected by an infestation of bees, on a pole belonging to the Guyana Power and Light (GPL).

Councillor of Constituency Four at Zeelugt, Poorandai Sukhu informed INews that the issue arose some four months ago and so far several persons have been affected. She noted that persons are not allowed to create any noise, since this triggers the bees to escape from their habitat, a nest on the pole.

Adding to that, residents closest to the nest are left with no option but to desist from turning on lights in the night, since the insects are attracted to the illuminating medium, resulting in persons being stung.

Speaking with INews, Amanda (only name provided), said the issue arose since November 2018 and when contacted about the matter, officials from GPL contended that the problem should be dealt with by the respective Neighbourhood Democratic Council (NDC).

Another resident; Shazo related, “My children can’t do their school work because when the light on, the bee them flying in the kitchen and in the house, and it also sting me two times.”

According to the Councilor, the Uitvlugt-Tuschen NDC was briefed on the matter and residents were informed that the utility company is responsible for removing the bees. However, GPL has made no efforts to address the matter.

“Persons can’t come out of their house if someone make a little noise or else the bees will come out. Some of them already get bitten by the bees more than once and it has been over four months. The community wants to know what can be done because it’s very hazardous,” the councilor added.

She related that there is a recreational facility a short distance away and when music is played loudly, many persons are up in arms with their distress. They are moreover concerned that young children will be bitten by the insects, which can prove disastrous.

Efforts to contact GPL for a comment on the matter proved futile.




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