Zeelught man denies possession of cocaine charge, remanded


A Zeelught, East Bank Essequibo (EBE) man vehemently denied that a charge of possession of cocaine brought against him is bogus when he made his appearance at the Leonora Magistrate Court on Friday.

Shazad Mohammed, 25, a miner of 421 Zeelught, EBE denied that he had some 12 grams of cocaine in his possession on November 9, 2017, for the purpose of trafficking.

The miner said that the cocaine found was planted on him when Magistrate Rochelle Liverpool read him the charge.

Mohammed told the Magistrate that he was sitting with a group of people on the day in question when the Police approached and subsequently found the cocaine laying on the ground.

He explained that he was the only one arrested out of the group, beaten, locked up and later told that the cocaine belonged to him.

However, the Police Prosecutor contested that the cocaine indeed belonged to the defendant as it was found in his right pocket.

He asked that bail be denied as no special reason was provided by the accused that would allow bail to be granted to him.

Bail was denied and Mohammed was remanded to prison to return on November, 21, 2017.


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