Youths for David Granger proposes one house lot per newlywed


By Jomo Paul

APNU Member, Christopher Jones.
APNU Member, Christopher Jones.

[] – The Organisation – Youths for David Granger (YDG) – says it has submitted a proposal to the leadership of the A Partnership for National Unity/Alliance for Change (APNU/AFC) coalition that would see newlyweds being given a plot of land compliments of the government.

The proposal, if accepted by the coalition’s Leadership, would come into effect if the coalition is elected to Office post May 11.

Leader of the YDG, Christopher Jones told iNews on Wednesday, March 25 that the proposal is being seen a way to encourage the return of morals and values to young people.

“Instead of young people going and get a child mother…they can get married and we would give them a plot of land as an incentive for getting married. It’s all about bringing back family,” Jones told iNews.

When asked about measures to safeguard against persons who might want to defraud the system, Jones assured iNews that systems will be put in place to safeguard against such unscrupulous acts.

“The penalties will be severe,” he warned.housing-development-610x300

He also indicated that persons who would have recently made their vows will be able to benefit from the scheme if it is implemented since adequate provisions will be made for such.

“If you would have already purchased a house lots or in the process of purchasing a house lot, we can write off the balance,” he explained.

The scheme, if implemented, would be the first of its kind in Guyana.



  1. one ouse lot onlt y not meck it 2 ouse lots for dem newly weds plus one billion dollars in their bank account plus dem mus never wok for a living either. yap yap hooooorrrrraaaayyy vote crapnyafc


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