Youth suspected to be bandit beaten by Parika residents

The man who residents suspected to be a thief was beaten by residents
The man who residents suspected to be a thief was beaten by residents

One of four men, who were allegedly attempting to rob a boat on Friday evening around 20:00h, was caught and beaten by residents in the area of Roden Rust, Parika, East Bank Essequibo.

Commander of ‘D’ Division (West Demerara/East Bank Essequibo), Edmond Cooper confirmed the incident and said the young man who was caught is still in Police custody.

Meanwhile, a concerned resident told this publication on Saturday that the young man was in a burgundy motorcar, with three others, parked in front of a villager’s house for quite some time which raised suspicions.

Residents said that the car was known to them, in fact it was said to be used in a previous robbery a few weeks ago.

Alerted citizens confronted the vehicle and the startled men ran for cover and jumped into the a nearby river. While three of the men managed to escape one of the alleged robbers was caught.

The resident reported that she was told to lock up her doors and windows by her neighbours, as bandits were in the area. A few minutes after, the young woman said she heard loud noises outside her house.

It was when she ventured out of her home that she realized that the bandit was caught and beaten by residents.

According to her, the Police were promptly contacted and arrived at the scene to investigate and made the necessary arrests and searches.

This publication understands that the men were allegedly planning to rob the boat of fuel and other valuables, as one of the men who managed to escape reportedly works on the vessel and knew how to access the items.

The young man who was tied up by residents, was questioned as to where the others were and about their intentions but did not respond.



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