Young philanthropist Azruddin Mohamed making a difference in society

Azruddin Mohamed recently constructed a new home for a single mother of 4 whose house was destroyed by fire

“Life is a gift, and it offers us the privilege, opportunity, and responsibility to give something back by becoming more.”

Those are the words of Tony Robbins, which young Guyanese entrepreneur Azruddin Mohamed looks upon as he lives a simple yet luxurious lifestyle.

Azruddin Mohamed and his father, business tycoon Nazar ‘Shell’ Mohamed

Born on March 1, 1987, at the St Joseph Mercy Hospital to local business tycoon Nazar ‘Shell’ Mohamed and Bonita Persaud, Azruddin, the eldest of three children, attended Mae’s Schools – Nursery, Primary and Secondary.

Even though he was placed in the top 25 in the country after writing the then Secondary Schools Entrance Examination (SSEE), now referred to as the National Grade Six Assessment (NGSA), and was awarded a place at Queen’s College, he continued his secondary education at the Mae’s private institution.

There he wrote the Caribbean Secondary Education Certificate (CSEC) and was successful in 12 subjects in the business stream. After completing his secondary schooling, his father insisted that he further his studies, and as such, he was enrolled at the University of Guyana as a Business Administration student.

At the age of 19, he completed his degree and joined the family’s business, to which he is the only heir to the conglomerate. To date, he is one of the biggest gold dealers in the country, purchasing gold and exporting it to the UAE.

Azruddin also works in foreign exchange and trades the actual currencies in the United States.

Real estate is also a significant part of this serial entrepreneur’s professional life. He owns The City Mall in the heart of Georgetown, multiple massive apartment buildings, office buildings and houses, and several laydown yards that he’s renting to oil companies.

Presently, the young businessman, through his family’s business, Mohamed’s Enterprise, is constructing two condo buildings in Green Acres on the East Bank of Demerara (EBD); a six-storey office building at Lamaha Street, Georgetown; and, more so, developing several other properties to be used as stone depots and storage for several oil companies.

Nevertheless, his upbringing was like any normal child’s. At the age of 10, he joined the Guyana Cricket Club’s Young Cadet Cricket Brigade Programme, where he played under the auspices of the then President, Mr. Bacchus. He spent at least three years, and represented that club on several occasions.

However, while in secondary school, he got involved in table tennis. In fact, he was extremely talented in the sport, and represented Guyana at several competitions in the United States, the Caribbean, and Latin America.

Despite his successes in cricket and table tennis, at the age of nine, he was fascinated by cars.

Motor racing fanatic Azruddin inspecting the drag race strip at the South Dakota Circuit

“The first car that Azruddin drove was my Mercedes Benz. It wasn’t one of those luxurious ones that we have today, but he mastered the art of driving… He was extremely fascinated about cars…he could have told you about the brand of cars and the engine models from a distance,” his father related.

From washing and driving his father’s cars, he currently owns a fleet of exotic vehicles, including 3 GTRs (White GTR has 2500hp, Nismo GTR has 2000hp, GTR has 2200hp); Pro Mod Ford Mustang with 4,000hp, Mercedes G Wagon, Lamborghini Aventador SVJ, and several SUVs.

His love for the world of motor racing began relatively recently, when he attended an international meet at the South Dakota Circuit. When he saw the racing cars zooming on the track, the young businessman knew he had to venture into this field. Back then, the state of racing and motorsports as a whole was not well developed, and as such, he became a pioneer in reviving the racing scene to make it more competitive.

His first step was to buy several GTR motorcars and a fleet of superbikes, which were driven by top racing drivers from the United States of America, Canada and England. To date, Team Mohamed’s, a brand that he owns, has several titles in various categories.

Meanwhile, even though he was born and brought up in a family of entrepreneurs, Azruddin did not let his wealth get to him. Instead, he focused on using it for the good, especially being an active philanthropist who participates in several charities to help the underprivileged.

Azruddin handing over a donation to a school recently

Over the years, he has invested millions of dollars in donating to schools whether stationery items, laboratory equipment, and electronics (tablets, television sets, refrigerators, freezers, computers, laptops) as he feels that doing so will shape the lives of the future generation that will one day be leaders of their communities, places of worship, and ultimately the country.

He has also put roofs over the heads of many families whose homes were destroyed by fire, and supported musicians in their careers. In addition, he has supported local talents in various fields, such as sport, culture, and pageantry.

“Some of us have the wealth, but we keep it to ourselves… I have grown up in a family that always believes in giving back to society…By the virtue of Allah and hard work, we have acquired wealth, and we intend to continue doing good for the less fortunate and those in need…it is in our blood to assist, and do so wholeheartedly,” he told this publication.

On this note, his father, who is also a philanthropist, recalled his son growing up with much love and affection for his family members, both extended and immediate. “He was also willing to share whatever he had without thinking that he will be left without…he is always like that from a young age…nothing stopped him from giving.”

This characteristic, his father stated, Azruddin got from him. In addition, he was always very affectionate, and is a very satisfied person who never talks back to his elders.

“Azruddin was well mannered, and still is… No matter how angry I get at him, he never retaliates…he would sit and take it in, and correct his mistakes… He is a son that any father would want by their side… I recalled him coming over to the office during his studies, and by doing so every day, he has mastered the trade… Today he is one of the most successful young entrepreneurs in Guyana, and I am extremely proud of him,” the senior Mohamed noted.

In fact, Azruddin attributes his success to his willingness to work hard and learn new things. To him, success is not measured by the yardstick of wealth, but rather it is about enhancing your knowledge and skills throughout your life, and that’s how you grow.

Only recently, Azruddin was featured in the Forbes Magazine as one of the top 10 Business Professionals to look out for in 2022, with a net worth of billions.