‘You should have a President for only one term’ – Nagamootoo declares


Prime Minister Moses Nagamootoo is of the view that “you should have a President for only one term or five years” after which that leader should be changed since the “thieving” and corruption always starts in the second term.
He reportedly told a gathering at the Richie Rich Catering Hall in Queens, New York, on Saturday last, that “the thieving always starts in the second term” and as such, one of the best ways to prevent corruption is to change the Head of State as periodically as possible.
According to Mr. Nagamootoo, even the two-term presidential limit was too long a period for one person to remain leader of Guyana.
“When we decided to change the Constitution to allow a President to contest the elections only two occasions, two times, we realise that that itself is a danger,” he posited.
“In 50 years we only changed our government twice and if we don’t change our governments quickly and periodically, you end up in all kinds of situations where you are not moving forward because you stay with the same leaders too long. You have to think about changing governments as quickly as you can, as periodically as you can, because thieving is a disease,” he declared.



  1. This is a betrayal to his party after spending so many years in a corrupt jagdeo administration and never made those remarks finally when the Country is beginning to show some progress he comes out with envious bullshit he should be stripped of all of his portfolio as Prime Minister.

  2. Mr Granger is probably expecting many more such demands from Nagmootoo. In Mr Granger’s speech to parliament last week he detailed each Minister’s role and obviously Nagamootoo either is tone deaf or is ashamed to admit that his role is now to report to Mr Harmon. Nagamootoo has found himself at a loose end and his video recorded speech in New York shows his anger at being sidelined by Mr Granger on all matters pertaining to being Prime Minister. It will be very interesting to read the likely press release from the Office of The Prime Minister denying any of this was ever said.

  3. Wow! I mean WOW!!! Nagamoottoo is still dreaming to be an Elected President. I believe the residents of Wales would be the first set of people to endorse Naga for presidency. Now I really feel sorry for this poor thing.

  4. http://citizensreportgy.com/?p=15547

    ‘You should have a President for only one term’ – Nagamootoo declares
    Well by now the people of Linden and Georgetown that PNC bused in for Nagamook rally at Whim must be scratching their heads by now and saying “awe dis tink dis man was smaat” now they are knowing what a dumdum he really is.
    Imagine he calling all 2 term Prime ministers and Presidents thieves. This is a very sick dude. PPP was right to keep in their toilet pit for they in PPP knows better than all others what a dumbbass Nagamook really is.
    Nagamook wanted power so bad that he was willing to sell his soul and joined those in PNC he called thieves and thugs and bully all his PPP life.
    PNc aint done with this Nagababboo as yet. Time will tell.

  5. Ref, Presidential Term Limits.

    In most countries, the Head Of State and Government serves two terms in office consecutively. It is only practical and realistic to do so, because no realistic policy could be implemented and bear fruit in less time.

    So P M Nagomootoo suggesting one term for the presidency is most ridiculous, to say the least.

    Finally, corruption and theft will occur regardless of how long an elected official serves in office. What must happen is that any elected or oppointed Public Official be held accountable by the courts, if found guilty of any political malfeasance or graft.


    DerryckS. Griffith.

  6. Moses the NAMAKHARAM has suddenly found something to speak about that is clearly targeted at Granger. ”It’s my opinion,” he would squeak like a frightened rabbit searching frantically for the nearest burrow. Is this an indication of a fracture between the PNC’s APNU and AFC? Where there is smoke there is fire. Whatever it is, this marriage of convenience will come to an acrimonious end as both Rumjhaat and this Namakharam will find themselves in the political wilderness; dead meat.

  7. Mr. Granger should take note of that statement .Nagamootoo probably knows that Granger is ill and he will run for the next term as president.

  8. Said it like a boss Mr. Nagamootoo. However you should have explained that if you have Presidents like Jagdeo and company they should have only one term. Because the disease thieving is relative to them. LOL


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