“You got to have balls to survive in this council” – Town Clerk


By Leroy Smith

Sooba[www.inewsguyana.com] – Town Clerk, Carol Ryan Sooba today (Friday, June 06) told reporters that in order to survive in the Georgetown City Council, one needs to have “balls”.

She was at the time referring to the women and men who have been supporting her as Town Clerk, while the Mayor and other persons in the council have been working feverishly to undermine her.

The Government appointed Town Clerk said that with the ramblings in City Hall, the work of the council has been affected and citizens are suffering tremendously.

She explained that for the last seven statutory meetings of the council, there were several items to be considered but this could not be done, since the meetings were all politically charged.

Sooba pointed to dozens of building plans which the council has to approve but which were never discussed since her agenda is usually squashed.

She added that the non-consideration of these documents has caused businessmen and women to be affected financially since many of them would have had various deadlines with the banks to provide certain documents.




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