‘Yellow scare’ worries Chinese officials


China[www.inewsguyana.com] – A senior official from the Chinese government has expressed concerns about the targeting of Chinese investors by certain groups and media houses in Guyana. 

The official, according to iNews sources, said that the ‘yellow scare’ could lead to Guyana/China relations becoming complicated.   As such, Chinese authorities are investigating and monitoring the aggressiveness against Chinese businesses and investment in Guyana.

iNews further leant that a senior Chinese government official recently visited Guyana to meet with the Government and the Chinese business community to discuss investment and other business opportunities in light of the recent attacks on Chinese nationals with business/investment in Guyana. 

Further, the Guyana Police Force also indicated that there has been an increase in crime against Chinese nationals. These include vandalism of personal property, robbery under arms, assault, causing of grievous and bodily harm. 

China is the single largest provider to Guyana with grant assistance and soft loans for major projects in Guyana.  



  1. The Chinese should know that Guyanese are a well disciplined, God fearing and warm hearted people. We do have lowly scumbags like other countries and also some are driven maybe by political motives.
    The Chinese must learn the Guyanese mindset and just like their forefathers and offspring, fight the bullies.They are just a bunch of cowards.
    Support the police and help them with your surveillance tools and equipment.

  2. well one does not have to be like a great political god to know who is doing this..how else to get rich quick and to make country ungovernable??? well awee gon apply slo fiah then awee gon apply mo fiah and kaboom country made ungovernable..awee gon go after de bizness people till dem run from awee country


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