WPO condemns merciless killing of Corentyne mother

Dead: Lilawatie Muhammed

The Women’s Progressive Organization (WPO) has come out in condemnation of the brazen attack on Leilawatie Mohamed, a mother of two, who was shot and killed during a home invasion at Tain Settlement, Port Mourant, Berbice.

Dead: Lilawatie Muhammed

What is so tragic about this dastardly act was that the three murderers showed no mercy to her when they snuffed out her life right in front of her children said the WPO.

Acording to the WPO, every time the issue of crime is raised in Guyana, the Minister of Public Security claims that brutal crimes in Guyana are on the decline.

The WPO, said it would like this Minister and his government to provide answers on how they will make the women and children in this country feel safe. “Crimes of this nature only remind Guyanese that their lives are not safe. It reminds Guyanese that while the government is busy increasing taxes and destroying peoples’ economic livelihood, the criminals are busy killing people and making them feel unsafe.”

The WPO “would like to extend sincerest condolences to the children, family and relatives of the late Leilawatie Mohamed.”

Moreover, the Organization commended the Divisional Commander Ian Amsterdam for his swift response and “urges speedy action to bring the perpetrators of this heinous act to justice.”

Following the execution-style killing of Mohamed on Tuesday night, at her Tain Settlement home, Police have come up with a theory as to the motive behind the killing.

The dead woman, is alleged to have been involved in a relationship with a wealthy businessman who lives in the community, and investigations have revealed that the man is also married.

Following the shooting, Police arrested one man, who according to information, shared a relationship with the businessman’s wife, who is currently overseas.

Divisional Commander Assistant Commissioner, Ian Amsterdam, said the Police followed the leads from text messages on a cellphone. “We are working on some other information both local and so we need to look into a different direction that it might have been an execution that was ordered by another female,” he said.

an autopsy conducted on Thursday on the woman’s body revealed that she died of shock and haemorrhaging due to gunshot wounds to the head.

As the investigation continues, Police are hoping to question the businessman. It is not known whether he is in the country. According to Amsterdam, investigators have not been able to get any information from the man in custody.


  1. This is really terrible!!!

    While I agree that we need to hold government accountable for curbing crime, we also need to encourage community support. We need to develop the thinking of a’beloved’ community – where people care for and treat each other with respect. We need to learn to stand up for the oppressed… to be our brother’s keeper.

    Thank you, I News, for making us aware of what happened.

    God, we pray for this family. Please bring help and comfort. We pray that the perpetrators be brought to justice. Amen.


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