Woman who jumped off Harbour Bridge receiving psychiatric treatment


The 38-year-old woman who was rescued yesterday after she plunged into the Demerara River in an attempt to end her life due to “spiritual problems” is presently receiving psychiatric treatment, according to sources.

However, at this point in time it is unclear as to whether or not charges will be laid against her for committing an act which would have harmed/killed her.

suicideMeanwhile, police officials are yet to determine in which jurisdiction the incident took place and who is responsible for deciding whether or not charges should be laid.

Reports are that the woman, who resides in Georgetown, jumped off the Demerara Harbour Bridge (DHB) around midday on Tuesday and was saved by some public spirited citizens who witnessed her plunging into the river.

She is said to have been walking across the DHB in the Western direction when she suddenly climbed onto the rail and jumped.

Parsram Ramchand, one of her rescuers, stated that he was driving over the Bridge from the West Bank when he observed the woman walking in the opposite direction on the right-hand side of the bridge.

“When I reach closer, I see this woman climb up on the rail and jump over. I stop my vehicle and run out,” he said, recalling that he immediately took off his boots and pants, and jumped in the water to save the woman.

“A next guy jump behind me and we rescue her and bring her up on the river bank,” Ramchand stated.

The man noted that the woman was unconscious when they brought her out of the water and so they took her to the Police Outpost on the eastern side of the Bridge.

Meanwhile, the woman’s mother who was summoned by police officers stated that this was the first time her daughter has committed such an act.



  1. May God bless those two Good Samaritans who didn’t judge this woman, but without fear of their own lives ceased the opportunity not to be heroes, but to demonstrate bravery and I think they should be considered for a profound citation from the city or government for a job well done. The nation should be proud of these two humble men of great kindness..!
    Wayne synch
    Toronto, Canada

  2. Regarding the woman jumping off the bridge hoping or wanting to end her life, my profound heart felt compassion for this dear woman. Her actions reveal that she is totally depressed and lost all hope in continuing living. She needs to be treated with empathy and counselling. I am very much greatly disturbed that the untrained and compassionless police department or organization are contemplating charges against such a mentally disturbed individual. It shows how much the Guyana police department is trained to handle such a social crisis. This woman acted out of desperation. Had she someone to turn to, I believe the outcome of such an act would have had a different outcome. She needs to be surrounded by understanding and caring professionals, not a slap on the wrist. Can the police charge desperation, anxiety, hopelessness, a feeling of worthlessness or destitution? I am not a lawyer, but had I been one, I would definitely challenge any criminal charges against this woman in the highest court and embarrass the entire police force of Guyana. Psychological help and guidance is what this poor soul needs not another stressful unlawful charge from any police writing pad or wasteful unsavoury fame in trying to lay charges…!
    Wayne Synch
    Toronto, Canada

  3. You guys know how many people in this world would dare Guyana insecurity minister to institute charges against this woman?
    Heknows they would tare off his alloo balls


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