Woman who claimed police brutality receives death threats

Takurdai Jugnanand

The Corentyne, Berbice woman, who was allegedly beaten by Police at the Number 51 Police Station last week, is now alleging that she was recently threatened by one of the officers involved.

According to Takurdai Jugnanand, who was hit with a baton at the Number 51 Police Station last Tuesday by an officer, who allegedly took $103,000 from her, she received a threatening phone call, which has now made her fearful for her life.

Takurdai Jugnanand

She told <<<<INews>>>> that on Sunday she received a telephone call from a number which she shared with this publication. According to Jugnanand, the caller told her that if she were to go to the complaint officer it will be the last day she lives.

She said she disconnected the call and a short while after, used another telephone to call the number that called her. “It was boy who answer and he tell me that is a Policeman just borrow his phone to make the call and he leave and gone to the station,” she related.

Jugnanand, who lives at Number 52 Village, Corentyne, was in New Amsterdam on Tuesday which was Youman Nabi (a holiday). The woman had gone to the Office of Professional Responsibility which is located at Central Police Station. However, there was a padlock on the door. She said she was instructed to visit the office in New Amsterdam as the Police have launched an investigation into the alleged beating of her and slapping of her underaged son by officers at the Number 51 Police Station.

“I went upstairs and they told me that the office is not opened today but if I want I could sit on the bench.” Meanwhile, after not meeting anyone at the Office of Professional Responsibility, she spoke with a senior officer who after making contact with the Number 51 Police Station said the officer who had misinformed her of the day who was expected to report to the New Amsterdam office was willing to refund her the fare to travel.

Jugnanand had reported that she went to the Police station on November 13, after a complaint of theft was made against her. She stated that a Police Officer took the more than $100,000 from her bag claiming that it was the money which she received from the sale of an alleged stolen cellphone.




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