Woman, two others convicted for robbery under arms – to spend next five years in jail

A trio will now spend the next five years in prison for a 2014 robbery under arms charge, which Magistrate Judy Latchman found them guilty of when they appeared at the Georgetown Magistrates’ Courts on Tuesday.
JAILED: Alana Taylor
JAILED: Alana Taylor
Amunike Rogers (left) and Peter McKenzie
JAILED:Amunike Rogers (left) and Peter McKenzie
The alleged mastermind Alana Taylor, 36, a mother of three, broke down in tears when the Magistrate made her ruling.  Taylor, along with her two accomplices: Amunike Rogers, 21, and Peter McKenzie, 25, looked dazed as she stood and listened to the final ruling on the case.
They are convicted of robbing Elizabeth Hendricks on March 2, 2014, at her Light Street, Georgetown home at gunpoint of a number of articles, including one laptop and a gold ring, all valued $341,000.
During Magistrate Latchman’s ruling, she made mention of the Prosecutor’s facts which stated that Taylor allegedly befriended the Virtual Complainant, after which she conspired with the other two defendants to rob Hendricks. They claimed to know Hendricks, but she, however, denied having ever seen them before.


  1. They look so innocent why send them to jail and not rehab –they are good ppl just make a mistake just like everyone else .why would you want to lock up three future scientists.? ???????


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