Woman survives fall over Tumatumari Waterfall


A woman has survived a fall over the Tumatumari Waterfall at Region Eight, following a boat mishap which occurred Wednesday morning.

Reports are that the woman, along with a male companion, were in their private boat when it capsized, causing her to fall overboard.

As the male managed to make it to shore safely, the woman had disappeared.

A report was subsequently made to the police for assistance in locating the woman’s body, and after many hours had passed, it was feared that she had drowned.

However, to many persons’ surprise, the woman was seen by villagers later in the evening, walking back to her village.

According to Commander of “F” Division, Kevin Adonis, the woman swam her way to safety.

She was subsequently taken to the hospital in that area to receive treatment for the minor injuries she sustained.


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