Woman slapped with 12 charges of embezzlement

Jasodra Bahadur (iNews' photo)
Jasodra Bahadur (iNews' photo)
Jasodra Bahadur (iNews’ photo)

[www.inewsguyana.com] – Jasodra Bahadur of Lot 18 Block CC Mon Repos, East Coast Demerara made another appearance in Court to answer a series of forgery and embezzlement charges.

The 37-year- old woman was not required to plea to twelve charges which stated that she forged several bills and embezzled more than $500,000 from New Horizon Inc and Roti Plus.

Bahadur’s attorney Latchmie Rahamat told the court that her client has pending matters of similar nature in court and bail should be granted since, Bahadur, to the best of her knowledge has attended all her court dates.

Police Corporal Dinero Jones, prosecuting, successfully opposed bail after citing that Bahadur allegedly committed these offences while on bail.

Jones said because of the gravity and the penalty attached to these offences, bail should be denied.

Further, he told the court that forty charges of similar nature are likely to be laid against the defendant in the near future.

The objection was upheld and the matter was adjourned to April 17, before Chief Priya Sewnarine-Beharry. 




  1. one ethnic lately getting the shaft in the court…40 thousand bail for busing another woman…this one no bail for alleged forgery…do an investigation to see how robbers get bail..those that put gun your head get baill..killers get bail..certain people should try get away from guyana as fast as possible..the other day one get charge for passing a bogus bill..but the cream of that one is the prosecutor saud the child know the bill was bogus and tried to buy chicken with it..but the diligent teller spot it and call the police..well i will tell you this..one diligent teller pass me a bogus bill at a pizza place in gtown..i didnt know the bill was bogus since im not familiar with the guyana bills..its when i came home my family told me the bill is bogus..imagine if i went to buy something with that bogus bill and a diligent teller had called the police on me..prosecutor would say i knowingly try to pass the bogus bill..how sick are they in guyana


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