Woman lands in Court for assaulting ‘wayward’ child


A woman who is accusing a 12-year-old of being “very much out of line” found herself before the Georgetown Magistrates’ Court today (Friday). Tamara Jadgeo is being charged with assaulting the child at Sophia, Georgetown on October 25 2017.

The defendant pleaded guilty with explanation to the charge when Magistrate Leron Daly read it to her.

According to the defendant, the Virtual Complainant (VC) is her step sister. She revealed to the Court, the parents of the 12- year-old have no control over her and allows her to do “whatever she pleases”.

She added that on the day of incident, she attempted to speak to the VC who proceeded to take up a wood and dealt her several blows to her back to which she retaliated by slapping her across her face.

The matter was reported to the Police by the child’s father and the defendant was charged.

Magistrate Daly ordered that a welfare officer be placed to look into the issue.

The defendant was fined $10,000.


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