Woman killed after crushed by truck in Berbice

The truck involved in the accident.
The truck involved in the accident.

A Corentyne businessman is now in custody following the death of a pedal cyclist who was crushed by a truck on the Corentyne Highway.

Dead is Christina Raghu, 41, a mother of four, of Chesney Squatting Area.

Reports are that the woman, who was riding a bicycle, was crushed by a motor lorry at Albion.

She had just dropped off her grandson at school and was making her way back home when she got into the path of the lorry.

The fourteen wheel vehicle was carrying a combine at the time.

According to one eyewitness, Raghu did not stop at the major road but rode out of the school street on to the Corentyne Highway when she was struck by the truck.

The woman had been taking her grandson to school on her bicycle every day.

Meanwhile, the lorry is owned by Abraham Subnauth and was driven by him at the time of the accident.

He is currently assisting with the investigation.




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