Woman jumps off verandah of burning building

Fire officials conducting their investigations
Fire officials conducting their investigations

A fire believed to be electrical in nature completely destroyed the upper flat of a two story house at Lot 133 Cumberland East Canje, Berbice on Sunday afternoon.

The fire was first sighted by Naeima Muhammad next to the front door where the main switch and circuit breakers were located. She was alone in the upper flat of the heavily grilled building at the time.

She however, managed to escape via the verandah where she reportedly jumped into the arms of her husband who was below.

Her husband, Zahir Khan and his mother were in the lower flat when they heard screams emanating from the upper flat. Upon investigating, they saw huge flames.

Khan looking through the debris after the fire

Neighbours rushed to the house and formed a bucket brigade to put out the blaze while  Muhammad was taken to the New Amsterdam Hospital to seek medical attention.

“We try with water but the flames were took much,” one resident said. “When I reach out here the whole one side was on fire and about ten minutes after the fire real reach”, Asif Hussain stated.

He said the bucket brigade which was formed was of no help since the fire spread rapidly. After sometime, the fire fighters from the New Amsterdam Fire Station arrived and quickly got into operation thus curtailing the blaze.

The firemen were praised as they were able to contain the blaze to one location. The electrical system of the building was only recently upgraded. The fire officials have launched an investigation into the origin and cause of the fire.

One week prior to Sunday’s braze, owner of house Nassir Khan 51, was laid to rest.




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