Woman jumps off Kaieteur Falls

Dead: Roshinee Pagwah took photos at the falls before deciding to kill herself.

Dead: Roshinee Pagwah. [Photo taken from News Source]
Dead: Roshinee Pagwah. [Photo taken from News Source]
[www.inewsguyana.com] – All tours to the Kaieteur Falls National Park has been suspended following the reported suicide of a 21 – year – old woman on Saturday, November 21.

iNews has been reliably informed that Roshinee Pagwah took her own life by jumping off the 741 ft. waterfalls. iNews understands that she was among a group of tourist when she made a sudden run and jumped over the falls.

Efforts are being made to retrieve the body. This incident falls on the heels of the suspected suicide of another woman at the Falls just two months ago.




  1. Life is too precious to be wasted.Everyone have bad moments and testing but non is too big to overcome.There are great people out there to help cope and God is bigger than any problem.please young people find somebody you can trust and pour out your burden to God .You will be happy you did ,and certainly regret the moment you taught of taking your own life.l had testings too sometimes i think will never end but believe me God walk me through that road. Put your trust in him.Don,t give up victory is ahead .God will open up the door.

  2. I agree that it is eerie. I believe this is the second or third young lady to seem normal on the trip only to turn back suddenly and take a plunge.

  3. Listening to some of these comments makes upsets me as to how ignorant and fast some ppl are ready to jump and address a issue that’s not even there. There’s bigger problem in Guyana that needs addressing. There’s not a problem with security measures at the falls it’s a person personal choice to commit suicide, and I personally will not pity them. Redirect this energy elsewhere people.

  4. It is so sad all the young Indian girls is committing sueside y must that be is it pressure from fore parents parents let’s stop and think and try to listen to these young girls

  5. Fail to see any relevance between your statement and this article…. Please go somewhere else with this nonsensical rethoric…. It has not to do with politics

  6. How stupid , thats a tourist site not a home, the next thing you will say is ban poison,GUNS,cutlass,rope,and vehicles,eg, the man that jumped under the truck on water street you want bars on the road, this is very sad and the causes of such action has to be addressed not the actions of those who choose to take life,RIP little girl,

  7. I LOVE KAITEUR FALL BECAUSE OF ITS NATURAL BEAUTY… NO FENCE WOULD STOP PEOPLE FROM KILLING THEMSELVES…. IF YOU EVER BEEN THERE You would realize there are 1000 ways to die there…. hundreds or thousands sane people went there..over decades.. and came home back alive and enjoy the natural beauty of the park and left satisfied.

  8. Is this the new celebrated resting place, where are they tourist guide and what measures are being put in place to prevent future occurrences.

    Why are the authorities and the bodies so slow in finding short, medium and long term measures to address the issue of suicide.

    Another sad day suicide is not the way man is given the strength to face all evils .

  9. My condolences to family of this young woman but this is a very worrisome trend and it is becoming too prevalent. For some strange reason young women are choosing this magnificent falls to end their lives. It has become a copy-cat issue and the media should refrain from giving such incidents too much publicity. The suicide problem is big in Guyana and it must be dealt with very seriously. The bigger issue is that Kaieteur might soon be labeled “suicide falls”, “death falls” or “haunted falls”. This is not the Falls Guyanese know and it is not good for the tourist industry. I call for stricter monitoring of tourists when they visit the Falls. Since the Minister of Tourism took office she has traveled extensively under the false pretext of “marketing” Guyana. There is a lot of work to be done at home. The wardens at Kaieteur National Park must be given additional training, they have to be stricter and more watchful with young tourists. It is hard to know what is in someone’s mind, but stricter rules on what tourists can do and where to visit must be looked at seriously. There may have to be new rules for those who want to visit the edge of the falls. The press must be careful with the kind of publicity they give to those who commit suicide at Kaieteur. Suicides at the world famous Niagara Falls are usually not publicized.

  10. Granger and the cack eye gang should have stopped this.
    Balwant Persaud went to Berbice to stop them from taking their lives so what happened here?
    If someone wants to take their life no amount of talking will stop it.


  12. Very sad indeed. Something seems to be errie about that place. May she rest in peace. Such an attractive young lady.


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