Woman in voluntary isolation at GPHC as Guyana protects against Ebola


(www.inewsguyana.com) – The Georgetown Public Hospital has confirmed that a female remains in voluntary isolation after she recently returned from a West African nation; however, the GPHC says she does not show any symptoms of the deadly disease.

ebola_suitAccording to a statement from the public hospital, they were notified of the patient by a private physician, whom she visited for evaluation and treatment of leg pains.

It was noted that during the Physician’s interview, she reported some mild joint pains and was concerned about the chikungunya infection.

“The Ebola response team was immediately summoned and convened and she was placed immediately in isolation for investigation. She reported returning to Guyana, via Suriname, from a West African country where Ebola is NOT currently present.  She has not had contact with anyone with sickness of any kind in the last 21 days. She has not had fever at any point, but had taken non-steroidal anti-inflammatory medications for joint pains the previous day. This medication could mask a fever of any origin.

“Out of an abundance of precaution,she was monitored by Senior Infectious Disease Specialists until enough time had passed for the medication to wear off. She remained free of fever and had no other symptoms. As such, she was discharged from isolation with any suspicion of Ebola Viral Disease discounted. She will be followed on a daily basis to ensure that fever or other symptoms do not develop.”

The GPHC noted that her exposure was very low-risk and she has NO signs or symptoms of infectious disease but she will be kept in voluntary isolation.

According to the hospital,  there is no threat to her family or the community. A team has been assigned with monitoring her daily and this work has already commenced even in the first hours following her discharge.


  1. why isn’t the government investing in an ELISA machine to confirm the presence of the virus? is it such a hard task? physical monitoring isn’t going to do us any good.

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  3. Mr heath minister you see what’s going on people is crossing the border, and entering guyana, Mr heath minister you have to do more to protect guyanese, don’t mind iam not living there any more, i am still concerned for all guyanese. They would not tell where they travelled to, especially if it’s back track, so you have to do more Mr heath minister.

  4. Guyana’s in need of so much attention that they would do this? we need to see the stamp in her passport, showing that she did indeed visit West Africa ~ meanwhile, another excuse to avoid holding elections. SHAME! SHAME!

  5. the correct and only thing to do to make certain she does not have that dreaded disease..
    guyanese have to be on full alert from some US congress people getting countires all mixed up..the next thing you know US will put severe restrictions on guyanese all because of stupidity .

    when congressman Darrell Issa open his mouth crap falls out.
    dont put it pass him if he blames Obama for Ebola since the Republicans blame sunshine and rain on Obama like how PNC blame light and dark on PPPC.

    SN the gutter tabloid reporting:

    US legislator confuses Guyana with Guinea in Ebola hearing:



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