Woman in vehicular tragedy died from ‘blunt trauma to the head’- PME


The 20-year-old woman who allegedly fell out of a moving car that her boyfriend was driving on Sunday last died as a result of blunt trauma to the head.

Dead: Sasia Adams

This is according to a post mortem examination (PME) conducted on Sasia Adams’ body on Wednesday morning by Government Pathologist Nehaul Singh.

Police are still investigating the circumstances surrounding Adams’ death.

Adams’, originally of Essequibo, who resided at East Street, Georgetown succumbed to head  injuries on Tuesday.

Based on information received, her boyfriend reportedly told police that the young lady fell out of a vehicle he was driving at about 20:00hrs on the evening in question on Lamaha Street, Georgetown.

However, since then, several versions of the story have been reported, indicating that upon being rushed to the hospital, a still conscious Adams told doctors that she fell down.

Moreover, it is also being reported that the young lady jumped from the moving car.

However, investigators have reported that it appears as though the woman was struck to her head and then pushed out of the moving car, resulting in her sustaining severe head injuries and dying, shortly after.

Nevertheless, the investigation is ongoing and Adams’ boyfriend is still in police custody.

The now deceased woman was employed at the Ramada Hotel as a Front Desk Clerk.


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