Woman implicated in ‘oral sex for food’ probe released on bail


The woman who was recently arrested by law enforcement officials for allegedly exchanging food for sex with two young boys has been granted station bail and is no longer in police custody.

However, investigations into the matter are still on-going, according to Police ‘C’ Division Commander Marlon Chapman.

One week ago the woman in question, a shopkeeper who resides in Vryheid’s Lust, East Coast Demerara (ECD), was detained at the Sparendaam Police Station after allegations surfaced that she had been providing meals to two young boys (age 7 and 9 ) and in return they performed oral sex on her.

sex crimeThe children are reportedly often left in the care of their relatives since their parents are hardly present. According to neighbours, the relatives would not spend much time around the children and as such the two young boys would venture to the woman’s shop asking her for meals/snacks when they became hungry.

 INews understands that this was when the woman allegedly told the young children that they would have to perform oral sex on her first before she gave them anything to eat.

  It is unclear at this point in time as to how long this may have been occurring.  However, some relatives of the two boys had begun to question the children as to why they would visit the woman’s shop so frequently.

  This was when they reportedly received the shocking revelation; that they perform oral sex on the shopkeeper and in exchange she would give them meals/snacks.

 Officials from the Child Protection Agency were notified of the incident and are said to be working along with the police to ensure that the children are safe and taken care of.

 If the shopkeeper is found guilty of the abovementioned crime(s) she can be charged under the Sexual Offences Act. (K. Macklingam)


  1. This woman is dirty and should be jailed for a long time. Those children are probably infected with some kind of disease and should be examined by a hospital.


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