Woman hacked to death by reputed husband

The house where the incident occurred

A woman was during the wee hours of today hacked to death by her reputed husband during a row over money at their Goedverwagting, East Coast Demerara (ECD) home.

Dead is Saskia Perreira. Her reputed husband, 59-year-old Samuel Daniels has since been arrested.

The duo was reportedly involved in an argument last evening over money. It is alleged that during the argument, Daniels armed himself with a cutlass and a piece of wood both of which he used to attack the woman.

The woman’s body was discovered this morning with wounds to her forehead, eye, cheeks, hip, feet, thighs, and back.

When INews visited the scene today, the suspect’s sister, Gayle Miller explained that her brother was celebrating his 59th birthday when the incident occurred.

“He invited me but I had my granddaughter to look. About 2 ‘o’ clock this morning I heard he come and call, so I asked he what happened, he hugged me up and he say that he going somewhere at his sister and he isn’t coming back. So, he said go and see what happened to Cassie [Saskia] but I couldn’t leave at the same time,” Miller stated.

The woman explained that when she went to her brother’s house on Monday morning in search of her sister-in-law, she called several times but no one answered, leading her to suspect something was wrong.

Miller said she related her concerns to her nephew who lives in the same area, and they went to the police.

“We went to the station the police come and they recognize the body because we couldn’t really break the place or anything,” Miller stated.

Miller stated that her brother and his wife are both heavy drinkers and usually have disputes. She also mentioned that the two were not employed but would normally do odd jobs from time to time.

The suspect, who is a father of six, remains in custody as investigations continue.