Woman hacked to death by husband – in full view of their children

Shock waves were sent through the community of Number 77 Village, Corentyne, Berbice on Tuesday evening after a heated argument between a couple escalated into an irate husband hacking his wife to death in full view of their children.
Dead is Bindrawattie Sumwar, 39, also called ‘Sharda’ of Number 77 Village Housing Scheme in Region Six (East Berbice-Corentyne).
Reports are that the now dead woman, a domestic worker, had an argument with her 30-year-old husband who is unemployed.
Neighbours said  they were alerted by screams and saw the woman covered in blood being chased around the yard by her husband, who repeatedly chopped her.
The woman reportedly collapsed after receiving several chops and died in the yard.
According to neighbours, as the irate man chopped his wife, their helpless 13 and 17-year-old children were heard shouting at their father to stop.
According to a report in today’s Guyana Times, one of the children ran out of the yard screaming, “Daddy deh chopping Mummy and she ain’t moving.”
The first to arrive at the scene was Sumwar’s sister, Oma, who said  she found her sister’s lifeless body in the yard.
Oma said the Police arrived moments after and arrested the suspect.
Meanwhile, INews understands that the couple had been together for some 10 years during which time the husband did not work. Neighbours said it was an abusive relationship, with the suspect constantly accusing his wife of infidelity.
 Police, in a statement issued late last night, said the incident occurred at about 16:40hrs yesterday when Sumwar was involved in a domestic argument with her reputed husband during which she was chopped about her body with a cutlass.

The Police said she was pronounced ‘dead on arrival’ at the Skeldon Hospital, Berbice. The suspect has been arrested and is in police custody assisting with the investigations.


  1. Every action have a reaction.words are insufficent to describe this inhuman action.you shall pay dearly for this .every day shall be a living hell for u i hope. You dont even deserve food and shelter anymore .you deserve to be treated like a dog in jail. Hope he is not even tried.you are so cruel cruel. Women need to stand their ground and end all these abusive relationships. we deserve to be treated with respect .She could have done better . she was providing for her family not him.
    God please give strenght to this family.

  2. How In the world u murder your wife in front of your children. There is no justification for this heartless act .This culture where men think it’s ok to beat their wife must end now.The only way forward is to lead a campaign that reject any form of violence.because this is a systemic problems.woman is being abuse and don’t even know because of the culture they were brought up.we have to reach every woman and let them know if their husbands is hitting them.there is a possibility he will eventually murder her . I don’t think he understands the results of his actions. He just take away his children mother and some one daughter.his children will be traumatized for the rest of their lives with his actions

  3. It is sad that this woman would have been so faithful to stay with that man all those years working and feeding ‘his not working self’ and he would do her such a thing! Women as we celebrate international women’s day on the 8th of March, I would like to say it is time we as women recognized ourself worth and stop having men taking us as their punching bags. When a man loves you he cares, provides, loves and supports you in ever way. My heart goes out to the children who had to witness such evil. I hope he never gets out of jail, let that woman’s blood be upon him always.

  4. Woman hacked to death by husband – in full view of their children.
    This is one cruel man..Hope he fry in the next prison fire.


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