Woman freed in domestic worker’s murder, four to lead defense

Shabikie Albert also called ‘Shabikie Thompson’ in smiles after she was set free

As the Preliminary Inquiry continues into the execution of a domestic worker on the Corentyne, one of the five accused were set free on Monday by Magistrate Charlyn Artiga at the Whim Magistrate Court.

Shabikie Albert also called ‘Shabikie Thompson’ of Lot 107 Rose Hall Town was one of five persons charged with the February 7, 2017, killing of Lilawatie Muhammed 45; a domestic worker at her lot 198 Sixth Street Tain Settlement, Corentyne home.

Muhammed was killed execution style when two masked broke into her home and demanded money under the pretext that it was a robbery. When she said she did not have money one of them put a gun to her head and discharged two bullets shattering her brains.

Magistrate Artiga in summing up the Prosecution’s case explained that although Albert had knowledge of the plot to kill Muhammed, it does not constitute of a crime.

She however, ruled that a Prima facie case made against the other four accused. They will have to lead a defense and have been ordered to return to court on October 15.

The four accused are Oliver Permaul, 36, of Lot 100 Tain, Corentyne, his wife Nazeema Permaul, 42; Andre James also called ‘Andy’, 26, a tattoo artist of Lot 46 ‘A’ George Street, Rose Hall Town; Rohan Johnson also called ‘Jamakie’, 38, a carpenter of Clardon Jamaica and of Lot 107 Second Street Rose Hall Town.

It had been reported that Nazeema Permaul was the mastermind of a plot to kill Muhammed. It was also reported that Permaul allegedly paid $400,000 to have the woman executed.

Muhammed was involved in an extra marital relationship with Premaul’s husband.

The Permauls’ are being represented by Attorneys-at-law Mescaline Bacchus and Rohan Jagmohan while Albert was represented by Sasha Robertson.


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