Woman flees in car leaving armed bandits behind – in dramatic attempted robbery


By Ramona Luthi

Quick thinking by a 42-year-old businesswoman on Thursday afternoon resulted in her evading a robbery attempt and possible injuries while in her vehicle parked on Quamina Street, Georgetown, near the Watercrest Hotel.

The traumatised woman has been identified as Chandrawattie Juman of  Ogle, East Coast Demerara.

According to information received, at around 15:30hrs, the woman was seated in the front passenger seat of motor vehicle, GWW1904, waiting for her husband who had left to transact business at the Guyana Revenue Authority.

Police reports indicate that two unmasked and armed men- one holding a hammer while the other holding a handgun- approached the vehicle from an unknown direction and began knocking at the back windscreen.

Upon turning around, she reportedly heard the men instructing her to open the vehicle door and hand over her handbag.

When the woman refused, the armed perpetrator reportedly began to pound on the front seat passenger window where she sat, with the firearm.

At almost the same time, the other man who was armed with the hammer and still at the rear of the vehicle hit the glass once causing the entire windscreen to shatter.

As such, the woman panicked and quickly made her way over to the driver’s seat and drove off with the vehicle in an eastern direction.

The perpetrators then fled the scene.

Police were contacted and an investigation has been launched.


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