Woman finds sister,17, hanging in Tuschen home

Rosalyn’s Facebook page shows numerous posts of her indicting that she wanted to end her life

Seventeen-year-old Rosalyn Lima of Lot 739 Tuschen New Housing Scheme East Bank Essequibo was on Saturday morning found by her elder sister, Franceline Lima, hanging from a bed sheet tied to a rafter in her bedroom.

This publication understands that Franceline made the tragic discovery around 05:15hrs.

In the events leading up the discovery, Franceline related that she was reportedly awakened by a noise, and later heard the teenager on the phone telling someone, “alright, good”.

Franceline said she got out of bed and noticed her sister walking around. When questioned, Rosalyn reportedly claimed she was going to the washroom.

However, Franceline mentioned that she looked through a window and observed a car with two male occupants parked in front of their home. Upon realising that something was amiss, she ordered Rosalyn back into her bedroom.

This instruction had greatly upset Rosalyn, Franceline recalled.

A few minutes later, Franceline said she heard noises emanating from Rosalyn’s bedroom, but did not pay heed since ‘it was normal for her to bang the walls when upset’.

After some time had elapsed, she checked on the teenager, only to make the gruesome discovery that Rosalyn had committed suicide. An aggrieved Franceline reportedly cut the sheet from the rafter and raised an alarm.

“I saw her hanging (from) the roof and still I didn’t really realise what was happening. But then I touched her and she was cold, so I cut the sheet and I called out to my uncle. And when he came, he checked her and said that she was dead,” the grieving sister recounted.

Franceline tearfully declared, “I shouldn’t have gotten up, or I should’ve let her go with them; then she would’ve been alive”.

The girls’ mother, Angela Lima, is said to be presently in Brazil.

Rosalyn’s Facebook page shows numerous posts of her indicting that she wanted to end her life. One post had even stated “mentally affected teen…or is it just a stage?”

The teen’s body is awaiting a post-mortem examination at the Sandy’s Funeral Home.


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