Woman critical after being brutally chopped by lover

Injured, Vashti Mahase

A 22-year-old woman is battling for her life at the Georgetown Public Hospital Corporation (GPHC) after she was chopped several times about her body on Sunday when she informed her 35-year-old abusive reputed husband that she wanted nothing more to do with him.

Injured is Vashti Mahase of Good Hope, East Coast Demerara (ECD). On Monday, the injured woman’s mother, Zorina Mahase, said her daughter, Vashti Mahase, was involved in an abusive relationship with the assailant for about six months now.

Injured, Vashti Mahase

She related that her daughter grew tired of her abuser’s ways and wanted to leave the relationship, however, the 35-year-old farmer of Lima Dam, Mahaica, was determined to spend the rest of his life with Mahase.

The worried mother said that things took a turn for the worst when her daughter recently learnt that she was pregnant and did not want to keep the child because of the abusive relationship with the farmer.

According to Zorina Mahase, her daughter’s partner had threatened to chop her head off if she tried to have an abortion.

Fearful for her life, Mahase left the abusive home and went to her mother’s residence. She returned a few days later, accompanied by her relatives to collect her belongings. This, according to Zorina Mahase, angered the farmer even more which led to a confrontation.

Zorina Mahase related that the reputed husband subsequently went to the police station and reported that his reputed wife stole his money when she was moving out. This led to Vashti Mahase being arrested and placed in the lockups for a few days.

Zorina Mahase recalled begging the police to let her daughter out and arrest the farmer. She said that the farmer subsequently went to the family and informed them that he will drop the allegation if Mahase would take him back.

Days later, when her daughter was released, Mahase was threatened again and she, in turn, reported the matter. The woman was sent to the suspect’s home with a rural constable to serve a restraining order but when he saw her, he whipped out his cutlass and dealt the woman several chops to her face, hand, back and about the body. As the attack was launched on the woman, the rural constable ran away.

After the rural constable ran away, the bleeding woman was picked up and rushed to the GPHC. According to the mother, her daughter was told that it was compulsory for her to be present when the restraining order was served since she needed to identify him.

The distraught mother said she is pleading for justice for her daughter even as she fears for her own life. She explained that after regaining consciousness, her daughter informed her that during the chopping, the suspect kept saying “it wasn’t over”.

The young woman has two kids from a previous relationship and they too felt the hands of the abusive man who himself is a father of six. Her children are currently with their father, who resides in Good Hope as well.

The ECD Divisional Commander, Calvin Brutus, confirmed on Monday that the suspect is wanted for questioning in relation to the matter. He added that he was not certain why young Mahase had to be present during the serving of the restraining order.

The Commander said he was told that the two were involved in an argument before the farmer charged out with his cutlass in pursuit of the woman.


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