Woman brutally chopped by ex-husband on road to recovery


The 31-year-old mother of five who was chopped multiples times by her estranged husband on Sunday morning, is recovering comfortably at the Georgetown Public Hospital.

At approximately 10:30h on Sunday, Wanita Heralall bumped into her ex-husband, identified only as ‘Buckman’ of Anna Regina New Housing Scheme, Region Two, (Pomeroon-Supenaam), Essequibo Coast, after she left her Lot 8 Liang Avenue, Georgetown, home to commence her usual market shopping.


Heralall related that her youngest child was in the company of his father “Buckman” when she ran into him at the market. She explained that the man asked the child if he wanted to speak to her and the child indicated that he did not.

“He ask the lil boy if he wan talk to me and the lil bai shake his head ‘no’. So I turn and seh if the lil bai don’t wanna talk to me, I don’t wanna talk to him or his father because I don’t want no problem,” she said.

Heralall relayed that “Buckman” subsequently left after she explained that she did not want any problems with him.

However, the woman’s estranged husband returned as she was approaching the bicycle she rode to the market, and grabbed her left hand.

“I turn around fuh walk to get my bicycle and leave because I know how he stay. So by time I coulda reach my bicycle, he come from behind me and he grab this hand and stretch it out and seh come here, I wan talk to you. I said no. And as I said no, he start chopping,” she recapped.

According to Heralall, the accused then swung one chop to her head, bashing her over the right eye. The man then shouted to her, “don’t scream!” and forcefully pinned the woman’s hand down before hacking at it several times between the elbow and wrist.

With the woman’s mangled hand barely hanging on, the angered Essequibian allegedly told her to “take your hand and move from here.”

Meanwhile, in a bid to escape, the man tried running through the crowd, only to be captured and dealt a thorough beating before being turned over to the Ruimveldt Police Station.

According to Heralall, she had been married to the accused for 12 years and endured domestic abuse for the sake of her children.

She stated that many reports were made by her against “Buckman” but the Police were always negligent. The woman said she consumed poison on three occasions, with the most recent being in June of 2015, hoping that her ex-husband would change his abusive behaviour towards her.

However, when this proved futile, she ran away from the home in October of 2015 and came to Georgetown where she resides with her reputed husband, Dharmindra Phagoo.

Phagoo and Heralall are well known to the market vendors and people in the community, since they operate a snackette in Industrial Site, Ruimveldt, and go to the market on a daily basis.

INews understands that the perpetrator had travelled to the capital city nearly one week ago with the intention of harming the woman.

Heralall was admitted to the GPH on Sunday after the incident left her with an almost severed arm.

“Buckman” is still in police custody assisting with investigations.



  1. God bless her and family,best wishes and a speedy recovery, I hope the coward is jailed for a very long time,,


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