Woman bites cops for attempting to arrest son


A Police officer who attempted to arrested a man on Friday last was bitten by the suspect’s mother at the intersection at Good Fortuin Road and La Grange Old Road, West Bank Demerara (WBD).

Based on reports received, the male suspect was the driver of a motor car that was pulled over by Police while he was heading to the Demerara Harbour Bridge (DHB).

At the time, the car was occupied by the driver and two passengers – his mother and sister.

A video seen by this publication showed that the driver of the vehicle was about to be arrested by the Police officer when an argument broke out among them.

The officer was seen holding the driver by his pants and telling him that he was being arrested. The man refused to comply, and was heard telling the officer to let go of his pants.

At this point, the argument escalated and the driver’s mother came out of the car and attempted to stop the officer from arresting her son.

The woman was later seen aggressively pushing herself between the officer and her son. Her daughter, who was also trying to question the reason for the young man’s arrest, was also seen trying to stop her mother from advancing towards the officer.

Someone who was recording the video could be heard saying: “She bite the Sergeant.” The officer was subsequently seen bleeding from his hand. The woman was later placed into the car by her daughter.

Since the incident, it is still unclear what action has been taken against the woman, and if her son was arrested following the incident.