Witness reportedly offered money to support complainant’s claim


… in alleged plot to assassinate the President

As the probe into the alleged assassination plot against President David Granger deepens, police have discovered that the complainant had allegedly offered money to someone to support his claim of being hired by two businessmen to kill the Head of State.

President David Granger

The Complainant, who up to Monday was nowhere to be found, showed up at the Criminal Investigations Department (CID) Headquarters on Tuesday for a confrontation with an alleged witness, who reportedly had information to corroborate the assassination plot.

This publication was told that during the confrontation however, the alleged witness told investigators that the complainant had contacted him and offered him a sum of money to give a statement to the police claiming that he was present when the two businessmen contacted the complainant to assassinate the President.

Crime Chief, Wendell Blanhum told Inews that the confrontation was necessary based on recommendations from the police legal advisors.

According to sources, the complainant had only made the monetary offer after he informed the police of the assassination plot.

The new statements have been submitted to the police legal advisors.

Meanwhile, a source close to the investigation told Inews that the complainant allegedly owes the businessmen whom he accused in excess of $8M.

Independent investigations revealed that the man failed to repay the money and was confronted by his creditors.

As such, based on his inability to repay the money, he allegedly levelled the allegation against the businessmen.

The businessmen have already been interrogated by members of the Major Crimes Unit of the Guyana Police Force.

Police launched an investigation into the presidential assassination plot approximately three weeks ago.

Shortly after State Minister Joseph Harmon announced that such an investigation was on-going, the complainant appeared on a local television station to relay his story.


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