Withholding the Rodney Report will not exonerate PNC party from culpability, says Rohee


“The People’s National Congress (PNC) has always been viewed as the main culprit responsible for the assassination of Dr. Walter Rodney, withholding the (Commission of Inquiry) Report will not exonerate Granger’s Party from culpability of this heinous crime,” says General Secretary of the People’s Progressive Party (PPP) Clement Rohee.

Dr Walter Rodney
Dr Walter Rodney

According to Rohee, withholding this very important Report from the public has had the exact opposite effort which the PNC may not have contemplated- a barrage of criticisms and demands from several quarters- to have the CoI Report released.

He stated that there are two attempts at covering-up; firstly, the attempt to cover-up who is indeed responsible for the death of Dr. Walter Rodney and secondly, the attempt at covering up the findings of the Report detailing the circumstances of Dr. Rodney’s assassination.

“One cover up seeks to cover-up the other in a brazen attempt to hide the truth from the Guyanese people. These efforts reveal how a government will resort to petty, unstatesman-like and dishonourable behaviour simply to protect ‘its hero’ and his contemporary underlings from public scrutiny. Every Guyanese know that the PNC never wanted a CoI into the death of Dr. Rodney,” posited Rohee.

The PPP General Secretary declared that his Party has viewed the mounting criticisms of the APNU+AFC Coalition Government as ‘justified’ and fully supports the call for the immediate release of the Report as well as for it to be laid in the National Assembly unconditionally.

The International Commission that probed the circumstances which led to Dr Walter Rodney's death
The International Commission of Inquiry that  probed the circumstances which led to Dr Walter Rodney’s death

Meanwhile, Rohee contended that the Government in justifying its opposition to the CoI selected one specific paragraph (4) of the Terms of Reference of the CoI which the Administration described as “tendentious, malicious and incongruous with TOR (1)  and which para (4) states;

“to examine and report on the actions and activities of the State, such as, the Guyana Police Force, the Guyana Defence Force, the Guyana National Service, the Guyana’s People’s Militia and those who were in command and superintendence of these agencies, to determine whether they were tasked with the surveillance of and the carrying out of actions, and whether they did execute those tasks and carried out those actions against the Political Opposition, for the period 1st January, 1978 to 31st December, 1980.”

According to the PPP General Secretary, in retrospect, it is not surprising why this particular paragraph was chosen especially when account is taken of what obtains today in respect of the make-up of the Presidency, the Ministry of State and the retinue of ex-military officers who now constitute the bulwark of the inner-sanctum of the Granger-led Coalition Administration.

He added that the PPP is therefore urging the Coalition Administration to put an end to ‘this nonsensical behaviour’ which will only end in disaster.




  1. Observer and George will be judged for their IGNORANCE.PUPPETS are well known for repeating what their masters tell them to say or do.They usually end up NOT knowing ANYTHING.

  2. Why did Walter and his brother have an equipment or instrument that was illegal for any civilian to have in their possession.That was breaking the law,in the first instance.The PPP has become so accustom to breaking the LAW,that it did not realise what was really taking place.The COI of Walter Rodney was a FARCE or BOGUS.A MASQUERADE OF HEARSAY EVIDENCE,Rohee.GET THAT INTO YOUR THICK SKULL.

  3. Basil Williams is hugging the Walter Rodney’s Report as if it’s new-born Baby and Granger is the Baby Sitter.

  4. History is already judging and will continue to inform and judge Linden Forbes Sampson Burnham. It will also judge David Granger. Condemning the Rodney COI report as “flawed” by the President of Guyana was very silly and outright dumb. Every Guyanese at home and everywhere else know the truth. They know of the alleged role of Haji Norman MacClean and the then President of Guyana. The COI confirmed what they did in connection with the murder of Walter Rodney. This is a part of our history and future children of Guyana will read about it. It is obvious Granger wants to protect his idol, the brutal dictator Burnham, but the past is the past. He could’ve at least come out and make a well thought out statement that pleases the nation and at the same time goes down well with his PNC members. Rodney’s death was a big cover up and those who were allegedly involved in his demise continue to cover up the distinguished historian’s death.

  5. When a biased commission of inquiry is selected to oversee any matter,the outcome will definitely be BIASED,its as simple as that.Rohee does not have any authority whatsoever,to call on this Coalition to do anything.He,who does not know the difference between Dominica and the Dominican Republic.Poor fellow he is,will remain a JA,braying as he does.

  6. Withholding the Rodney Report will not exonerate PNC party from culpability, says Rohee
    Give the old bent up wobbly man some time to release the report.
    Be reminded that it was US that installed the PNC dunce to rule.
    He only takes orders from Burnham


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