Withdrawal of Controversial MOU: “Beg pardon and sorry are not enough” – AFC


[www.inewsguyana.com] – The Alliance for Change (AFC) says the announcement by Government that it has withdrawn the Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) for the construction of a US$30M waste recycling plant does not clear the shame it has brought to bear on the country.

According to AFC’s Executive Member Moses Nagamootoo the announcement is merely an admission of guilt. “Beg pardon and sorry are not enough,” Nagamootoo exclaimed.

The announcement by Government comes in light of the recent revelations in the media that the Company which was awarded the contract – Natural Globe Inc – is not a Canadian Company as was announced by Government but was only registered in Guyana some three months ago and has no history of ever constructing any waste recycling plant.

What was also revealed is the fact that the daughter of Human Services Minister Jennifer Webster is a director of the Parent Company of Natural Globe Inc – MogFord Enterprises.

The Minister’s daughter – Andriana Webster – was also accused of investing some $US15 million in the project. However, this claim was debunked by the Government Minister and her daughter.

According to Nagamootoo, Government must identify and punish those responsible for bringing such level of shame to bear on honest members of the Administration.

“The Government must go after those who have violated the laws and show that they are culpable… they have brought shame on honest people in the PPP” he said, adding that “the withdrawal is probably a way of dealing with the matter but it will not erase the stigma of sleeve.”

Head of the Presidential Secretariat, Dr. Roger Luncheon announced on Wednesday, November 20 that the withdrawal of the MOU is indeed due to the media revelations.

After the damning revelations were made, the younger Webster clarified that she is an Information Technology Consultant with the firm. Natural Globe Inc is being headed by Mohamed Osman.

Osman is on record stating that the younger Webster is indeed investing the US$15 million in the project.

According to Dr. Luncheon discussions with Natural Globe Inc. was ongoing since the beginning of the year and Minister Webster was in fact part of several Cabinet meetings where same was addressed.

He described her failure to inform Cabinet of her daughter’s involvement as a ‘flawed judgment’ on her part.

Moreover, when questioned about the level of scrutiny the company underwent before the MOU was signed; Dr. Luncheon admitted that the level of due diligence done was not at the level that a normal contract would have attracted.

“I would be the first to concede that a number of areas were inadequately attended to and the revelations in the media pointed this out rather forcibly” he added.

He told reporters that the withdrawal of contract now forestalls the planned move to Go-invest for the necessary feasibility study.



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