With increased ICT usage, Govt working to protect cyber assets from attacks


The Guyana Government has embarked on an initiative aimed at developing a robust cyber security system that will protect against attacks that have the potential to devastate economies and inconvenience thousands of people.

With support from the United Kingdom, representatives of various government agencies have gathered for a workshop which is intended to enhance their aptitude to strengthen and protect the nation’s cyber assets.

The workshop attracted about 100 participants who will be edified on national and transnational cyber risks and how they can contribute towards the enhancement of the security and resilience of the country’s critical national infrastructure.

Delivering remarks at the opening ceremony, General Manager of the National Data Management Authority Christopher Deen noted that coming out of the workshop, policymakers will be able to better allocate resources to appropriately manage those cyber security risks.

“As ICT becomes more intertwined in our daily lives, we cannot ignore the ensuing threats that are associated with its use,” he expressed.

Deen emphasised that no country or organisation is immune to cyber-attacks, as he outlined a few global examples that caused widespread and long-lasting impacts on economies and citizens.

As such, he contended that as the country continues its digital transformation journey, stakeholders must embrace prudent cyber security practices to ensure sustained provision of vital services and economic stability.

Prime Minister Mark Phillips, who delivered remarks at the opening of the workshop, highlighted that government will support investments aimed at strengthening its cyber security.

“We will continue to make and support investments that provide opportunities for all Guyanese especially organisations that make up our critical national infrastructure…,” he said.

“It is our aim to develop a robust cyber security posture that will not only enable the protection of Guyana’s people, digital assets…but also improve our country’s cyber resilience while fostering a culture of good online behaviour.”