With 5 days remaining, over 1000 boxes still to be counted

The Arthur Chung Conference Centre - the venue of the national recount

Even with five days remaining for the countrywide recount, there are still over 1000 ballot boxes to be counted – the bulk of it coming from the most contentious and populated district, Region Four.

And, authorities are yet to announce any decisions regarding the addition of more work stations or an extension of the activity.

At the end of Day 19 (Sunday), 1,124 boxes were processed.

At the end of Day 20 (today), an additional 82 boxes were completed, bringing the total to 1,206.

But there are still 1,133 boxes to be counted.

The recount exercise was slated to last for 25 days. It initially started off with 10 work stations, but amid calls for the activity to be accelerated, two more stations were added.

But stakeholders are calling for more work stations, and for the stations to be utilised in a more efficient manner, so as to complete the count for Region Four.