Wind Farm project will not ease ‘blackout crisis’, says Jagdeo


By Ramona Luthi

At a press conference held earlier today, Leader of the Parliamentary Opposition, Bharrat Jagdeo has described the current Administration’s arrangement to reduce “blackouts” throughout the country, as a “corrupt deal”.

The government had announced that in keeping with its Green renewable energy plans and more particularly, to address the constant power outages, it would pursue establishing a multi-million dollar Wind Farm project.

Opposition Leader Bharrat Jagdeo
Opposition Leader Bharrat Jagdeo

However, Jagdeo is contending that this concept is useless since the Wind Farm project does not have the capacity to serve the entire country.

“This will not solve GPL’s problems, the blackout problems, because they’re presenting this as the solution because if they are buying 21 megawatts of power and just imagine ten times in the day that the wind stops blowing and it goes down to zero, because it has to have a certain speed of the wind to turn the turbines. Imagine three or ten times in the day that happens, what will be the backup power that will kick in?” Jagdeo asked.

He further contended that “buying wind is buying energy not capacity”. Jagdeo continued that the best alternative is using hydro power since it allows energy and capacity.

The Opposition Leader also told media operatives that he intends to exert every effort to ensure that the Wind Farm project is cancelled on the grounds of corruption and illogicality as in the case of what transpired with the Drug Bond scandal.

He also noted that the People’s Progressive Party/Civic (PPP/C) will have no choice but to review the project once it returns to Executive Office.

Minister of Public Infrastructure, David Patterson, had said that discussions with Total Energy Solutions Inc, the company which proposed the Hope Beach Wind Farm project, are still ongoing.

He had told a section of the media that the government is now at the stage where it is allowing the company to seek the necessary approval from various agencies including the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).




  1. Jagdeo,for your information,the wind never ever stops blowing,as we guyanese would say.I believe,as long as this wind farm is placed in an area which is very windy,day and night,I don`t think you would have a problem.I suppose,a survey would have been carried out to determine which area is best suitable to have the farm placed.Your Amaila Falls Project was an alleged CORRUPT DEAL.These are intelligent people who are in charge,,not nincompoops.GIVE THEM A BREAK.

  2. Why is this making any comments? I left Guyana in 1981, and there was a blackout at least three days a week, and one on the day of my departure for about 4 hours. Bha-RAT and his buddy RAM-otar was in “charge” for 23 frigging years and was too busy taking care of themselves to do anything about this ongoing situation; now he’s criticizing?

  3. Jagdeo is so full of himself that he is bordering on becoming ”dangerous”. He be-straddles the cowardly PPP and now believes that he is God’s gift to Guyana.
    Remember, when he came back from his Russian ‘studies’, Hoyte offered employment in his Ministry, later he was most disrespectful to Hoyte. The PPP came and he showed great disrespect and disloyalty to both of his benefactors……..First Mr. Asgar Alli and then Mrs Janet Jagan…….he looks out for himself as history,so far, has shown

  4. Jaddeo shut your trap. When you were in power, why didn’t you fix GPL. Now the new government try something you flying off your mouth. If the green power going to give half the country power it better than nothing. They are try so shut your mouth and give the new government a chance , you didn’t di it so let them do it . You had your time if over your governance was a disappointment.


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