Will Cathy Hughes run for President? “I’m not sure I will have the strength”

Minister of Tourism, Cathy Hughes.

By Kurt Campbell

AFC Parliamentarian, Cathy Hughes.
AFC Parliamentarian, Cathy Hughes.

[www.inewsguyana.com] – Just days after being nominated to lead her Party as the Presidential Candidate at the next general elections, Alliance for Change (AFC) Executive Cathy Hughes says she is unsure of that destiny.

Speaking on the Radio Program ‘Hard Talk’ this morning, Hughes says she is still pondering ahead of the Party’s National Conference set for October 25.

Hughes, the lone female, was nominated on October 5 along with three other AFC members, namely: Khemraj Ramjattan, Nigel Hughes and Moses Nagamootoo. Already, the Party’s current Leader, Khemraj Ramjattan has endorsed the nomination of Moses Nagamootoo.

“I think women bring to the table a different approach but for me I would like to see the current politics game change,” Hughes said; adding that “I don’t want to play the game as it is structured now… you are simply not going to get the best of me in this environment.”

She said she hopes that she will have the strength to be able to say “yes I would do this.” She explained that it was not strength of character but rather the strength to make the sacrifices necessary. “If you are going to beat me up and shut me down it wouldn’t happen,” she added.

The AFC Parliamentarian said it is her expectation that there will be better opportunities for compromise and would like to see more women within the political arena; explaining that it would be helpful in decision making.

Hughes has also been nominated to be the Party’s Prime Ministerial Candidate but says she has still not made up her mind on that either. Other nominations received for the Prime Ministerial Candidate were; Raphael Trotman, Nigel Hughes, Dr. Verasammy Ramayya and David Patterson.

The decision on who will be elected the Presidential and Prime Ministerial candidates will be made when the Party holds is biennial National Conference on October 25, 2014.

Hughes said her biggest disappointment since becoming a Parliamentarian was that there have been little success in using compromise to arrive at decisions. “As a newcomer I wanted to see more compromise… I wanted to see more give and take.”

She agreed that she was weary of the current hostile political atmosphere and low depths some politicians go to tarnish the reputation of colleagues.







  1. Too much flip flop there.
    Besides, they have very little depth.
    They do not have a full cricket Team of quality players.

  2. it doesn’t matter if it’s Kathy hughes,nigel hughes, khemraj ramjattan or passian maan moses nagamootoo [mr shut yuh so and so mouth] who would be the presidential candidate ,the whole afc brings a revulsion among the Guyanese electorate.

  3. gee she ah shot at president an she will be mo bad dan mandel wife …tire round nuff nuff ppp members neck set on fire…she mo power hungry than hilary clintox..

  4. There is nothing stopping Ms Hughes to run. It will be good for women. She should take a page out of Our past dear Prezzy Ms Janet Jagan.
    Only problem beware of the thugs and do not be another Gomattie..

  5. President Kathy Hughes??????????
    Nah…Nada…Zip…Zilch…Zero….President Bunham sounds better…
    Po Kathy and Nighel comes with too much luggage on their filthy hands..
    Duh hydro thing did dem in….
    I told the world the PNCites in AFC will never give the nod to Nagapakoo…
    Dem collie-man dem getting used by Bunham pickney dem but dem too dumb not to see it..leh Kathy and Nigel go up to Whim…let dem geh de Whim votes now..
    Tell the people up in Whim it was a good thing Nigel Shut down Agricola Public Road and allow his PNC thugs to beat rob sexually molest east indians and awee nah gun do dat again if allyah meck me wife ruler of guyana..

    ramjattan was born a fool live a fool and will die a foolish fool..
    even the PNCites in afc knows he ramja is a nothin…


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