Wife stabs husband to death after he threatened to push her in fire


A man who threatened to burn his wife was, on Sunday, knifed to death at Big Cannaballi, Region One (Barima-Waini). Dead is 33-year-old Clarence Williams.

Based on information received, the now dead man had threatened to push the woman into a fire, which resulted in a heated argument during which the man choked her. In retaliation, the woman, who had a knife in her hands, stabbed the man twice to the groin.

Prior to the incident, it was reported that the woman was at a church service. The man reportedly pulled her out and ordered her to return home to cook.

While cleaning fish, the man reportedly assaulted the woman again and threatened to burn her. However, after the stabbing incident, the man went to bed but was later discovered dead.

The police have since confirmed that the man’s body bore three stab wounds. The suspected murder weapon was retrieved and the woman was arrested.