Wife of murdered Charlestown vendor says no intimate photo was ever shared on social media

Dead: Carl Cameron
Dead: Carl Cameron

Samantha Castellow, the wife of 48-year-old Carl Cameron who was stabbed to death last night over the alleged sharing of an intimate photo on social media, says nothing of the sort ever occurred and that her husband was killed from a misunderstanding.

Cameron, a vendor of Lyng Street, Charlestown, Georgetown, was stabbed five times by the 30-year-old suspect who remains at large.

A police report indicated that about a week ago, the suspect accused the victim of sharing a photo on social media of the suspect and his girlfriend being intimate.

However, Castellow is debunking this claim and noted that the issue was nothing but a huge misunderstanding.

She explained that on October 16, the suspect’s family had a party which Cameron attended. Cameron, she explained, was videoing the party.

The following day, she said one of the suspect’s relative asked Cameron if he had “the video”.

Castellow alleged that later that day, the suspect told her “the same cartoon movie yall looking and laughing, it gone turn a horror movie.”

Castellow said she subsequently spoke with one of the suspect’s relatives who explained that the suspect believed there was an intimate video of him and his girlfriend circulating on social media.

Castellow indicated that she thought the misunderstanding was cleared up.

“So, is like he take a week to think of what he had to do, to do it yesterday,” Castellow expressed.

The house where the murder occurred

Recalling the moment the murder occurred, Castellow said she heard the commotion downstairs and by the time she reached to her husband’s aid, he was already on the ground in a pool of blood.

“I was on the veranda…”wah I do you boy, wah I do you”… that’s all I hear and I rushed downstairs and I saw my two daughters with him [Cameron,” she explained.

“When I go to him…lying at the front like fuh catch the road, and he said to me “Shorty…that boy jook me up bad girl”.”

Cameron was immediately escorted by her daughter to the Georgetown Public Hospital Corporation where he succumbed to his injuries while receiving medical attention.

The woman said she and Cameron were together for some 19 years and she needs justice.

“That’s a great loss for me…he is not a fighty person, he always home, he looks out for everybody…every afternoon he and the boys them would sit out there, would drink but not to an extent to get drunk or into any story,” she recalled.

“I want justice, me and the family (of the suspect) doesn’t have any problem or anything…he’s not a dog for him (the suspect) to take his life like that,” the wife contended.

Cameron had no children of his own but shared a home with his wife and two stepdaughters, as well as a son-in-law.