‘Wife beater’ jailed for 12 months

Mark Singh. [iNews' Photo]

Mark Singh. [iNews' Photo]
Mark Singh. [iNews’ Photo]
[www.inewsguyana.com] – A man who has served prison time for the offense of assault causing grievous bodily harm on his wife, was once again placed before the Georgetown Magistrate’s Court to answer to a similar offense on Friday, November 13.

The court heard that 41 – year – old Mark Singh of Bourda, Georgetown on November 7, 2015 at Bourda, unlawfully and maliciously assaulted Sujata Persaud, his reputed wife.

The Prosecution informed the court that about 23:00 hrs on the day in question, the accused went home after a drinking spree and started to physically assault his wife, causing her serious injuries.

The court heard that Singh has already served two consecutive sentences of 6 months each for similar offenses committed on Persaud.

The woman, who was present in court, explained that she is fearful for her life, pointing out that she has begged the accused to leave her alone.

Persaud, who was visibly in pain, says she is unable to move the right side of her body properly without suffering striking pain and constant fever.

In light of Persaud’s evidence, Magistrate Annette Singh sentenced the man to 12 months imprisonment.



  1. We know some of these women can push men over board with some stupid action ..but at the same time its human instinct .leave the woman and move on ..find another or turn a monk if u can stand the behaviour of a woman ..only 12 months come on he should be getting 10 years of hard labour ..the apnc gov need to stop locking up these prisoners and feeding them from tax payers money ..and give them hard labour to clean the city free or little pay ..chain them and put them to work on a high way from kuru Kurt to east coast demerara ..let them burn in the sun ..bring back the days of horse men for them ..these criminal .kill rape abuse thief and hurt innocent people and go in jail and sleep all day and get food and all other to their favour at the cost of Guyana hard working tax payers ..come on apnc gov if u fail your promises to the people do this for them ..put them under pressure ..going to jail to these guys are like taking a vacation to them

  2. The country should have done this since 60 years ago. Many lives would have been saved not to mention children and there would have been more prosperity for Guyana.

  3. Only bad when the run kick in,let him bad up in jail now ,,,he will be a little B??ch in camp street,,,,coward,,,

  4. These men show their love differently. Well the message to them is loosers go @#$% yourselves.
    Is there no CAT O NINE for this crime?
    Please magistrate order at least one dozen lashes per month for three months.
    They would see all the men on the road and they pass easy heading to beat u the women folks. SHAME


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