Wife allegedly douses husband with kero, sets house alight

What remains of the family’s home

A father of two is now terribly distressed after he was allegedly awoken during the wee hours of Tuesday morning to his wife drenching him in kerosene while he lay asleep on the bed they shared at their Sophia, Georgetown home, then setting their home alight before fleeing.

According to information received, the suspect reportedly lived with her husband and their two children –ages 16 and 19- at their Sophia home for approximately 15 years.

INews understands that at around 01:00hrs, the Guyana Fire Service was contacted after the woman reportedly set the one-storey wooden structure alight, then fled, leaving her husband and 16-year-old child inside the house.

The alleged victim was not immediately available to speak to media operatives, but neighbours at the scene recalled hearing him shout “murder! murder!” while running out of his home with his son in hand.

“All I hear is that he went sleeping and he wake up and find she throwing the kero on he and she just scratch the match and throw it pon the bed and run out the house. Then the man go wake up he son and loose the dogs and so and run out, but by then the whole house deh done engulfed,” one eyewitness said, noting that she was the one who contacted the fire service.

This online publication was told by the couple’s 19-year-old son –who was not at home at the time of the incident- that he was unaware of his parents being involved in any domestic dispute. Neighbours in the area also confirmed that the family was very quiet and they had never heard them squabble.

Moreover, the couple’s eldest child said that this is first time his mother has ever done anything of this nature, and she is not known to be abusive. Since the incident, she has not contacted her children nor her husband.

Investigations are ongoing. (Ramona Luthi)


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