Widow mother of four claims she’s being denied access to her deceased husband’s assets – by her in-laws

By Kristen Macklingam
“When my husband died, his brother waited until he was in the mortuary, came to the house, take out all my husband’s documents, all his registrations, his evidence of sales, everything he owned, all his jewellery, whatsoever money he had in the house. They took it and from that point they kept me out of everything concerning my husband’s behalf. I was not involved concerning my husband’s funeral, the arrangements, nothing,” says the wife of the late Ramkarran Mohanlall, who was stabbed to death by her brother-in-law last month.
Latchmi Singh of Lot 218 Track A Coldingen, East Coast Demerara (ECD) told INews that since her husband passed away some five weeks ago, her in-laws have made her life miserable.
The mother of four explained that she understands that Mohanlall’s family blames her for his death since it was her sister’s husband who stabbed him about his body and caused his death. However, Singh stated that her in-laws should not spite her children or her for the actions of another.
“I went along with the family thinking they had a good mind for me but they are trying to fraud me, they are trying to have everything. They signed for the dead, they have the death certificate claiming that I can’t get nothing. I got advice because I needed to go in to get public assistance for my children…,” she lamented.
Singh contends that apart from verbally abusing her repeatedly her in-laws are trying to ‘force’ her and her young children out of their home.
According to the distraught woman her late husband was a mechanic and worked long hours to support her and their children but his family is now ‘fighting’ her for everything that belonged to Mohanlall.
“Now they don’t want me to come in this house saying that I cant come back here…I tried everything, asking them to let me stay in the house because I have nowhere to go with these children, I have nowhere to go… I made a report (last) Monday to Vigilance Police Station telling them what they are doing to me that they have all these documents for my husband and they don’t want me to come in the house,” Singh told INews.
The disputed property
The disputed property

The mother of four further explained that while the property on which the house she lives in belonged to her late husband’s mother, he was ‘gifted’ the land and subsequently built the house himself with his hard earned money.

Although she and Mohanlall were not legally married they have been living together for many years and have four young children together, she said.
According to Singh, at present her brother-in-law has taken all of the keys for the vehicles in her yard and even removed some of them to his premises.
“I need  money to take care of my children and to survive but they don’t want me to have nothing. He (the brother-in-law) is at the premises selling out my husband’s stuff. His family coming here and already on Sunday they come three times and cursing up and insulting me telling me to get out of the house and police came three times to tell them move…I need help with this,” she added.
The Police have since confirmed these claims by the woman.
Initial reports are that Mohanlall, 33, was allegedly stabbed four times about his body sometime around 22:45hrs after being involved in an argument with another man who was later identified as his wife’s brother-in-law.
A post mortem examination had revealed that he died as a result of multiple stab wounds. He sustained four stabs to his stomach, groin, arm and nose.


  1. Widow mother of four claims she’s being denied access to her deceased husband’s assets – by her in-laws.
    The law is very strange on cases like this. If this woman go get a lawyer the lawyer will bleed her dry. I always thought spouse and kids comes first in these cases.
    The law does tell kids that they are entitled to property shares though death of their parent/s even though some parent/s never contributed nothing to the upkeep of property plus their children never lived at that property and never contribute nothing to the upkeep of said property. These are the kind of BS that people have to contend with which do leads to criminality. They and their parents contribute nothing but the law says they are entitles to.


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