WICB, UNICEF host Child Care Seminar



Colin St Hill (left) and KJ Singh respond to questions during The Seminar.
Colin St Hill (left) and KJ Singh respond to questions during The Seminar.

[www.inewsguyana.com] – The West Indies Cricket Board has joined forces with the United Nations International Child Emergency Fund UNICEF to focus on Child Care and Protection in Sport.

The duo today concluded a two day course at the National Resource Centre in Woolford Avenue in an effort to educate Social Workers and other officers as well as cricket coaches.

Facilitator of the training and Senior Child Care Officer in Barbados’ Child Care Board, Colin St.Hill was one of the speakers and he outlined some of the expectancies

“The Coaches and Administrators really have a key role to play as it relates to child protection issues; for too long maybe coaches did not see how important a role they have to play they just focus quite a bit on the technical aspect.”

He urged the social workers to not brush aside or pass on cases of child abuse as they can be detrimental.

Meanwhile, WICB project officer with responsibility for Kiddy Cricket K.J. Singh said that it is important for the Sport to pick up on these cases and stem their influence as early as possible.

“It’s 16 member territories for the West Indies Cricket Board and we are happy to get the initiative out there,” Singh said.

KJ Singh
KJ Singh

“I been in many of the same workshops across the region and I have seen a drastic change in their mindset. We want to teach coaches how to protect the children and to protect themselves and being able to pick up instances of abuse”

Neglect on the playing field includes such acts as the failure to provide a child or children with their basic physical and emotional necessities, putting them at risk of harm.


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