Why no investigation of Mingo’s fraud requested? – Shuman


Clairmont Mingo being sworn in as Returning Officer for Region Four [INews photo]
Liberty and Justice Party (LJP) Presidential Candidate, Lennox Shuman expressed concern over the Guyana Elections Commission (GECOM) undertaking to ask the Police Commissioner to investigate APNU/AFC claims. 

He said that based on the legal advice his party received, GECOM is acting out of its remit.

According to him, Chairperson Justice Claudette Singh never revealed to stakeholders that she had written to the Police Commissioner to have the issue investigated.

According to him, Justice Singh has shown a selective attitude towards investigating wrongdoing, since the recount has shown that Region Four Returning Officer, Clairmont Mingo manipulated numbers to give APNU/AFC a victory, yet the Chairperson has not asked the police to investigate this. According to him, the Chairperson is going down a slippery slope.

“We’re very concerned that Madam Chair is going down a very slippery slope. Take for instance there was a dossier presented that stated that Mr Granger and Mr Harmon were dual citizens. The Commission has not undertaken to ask those people to provide evidence that they have renounced their citizenship with the US.”

“If you’re looking for wrongdoing also, this recount has shown that Mr Mingo’s numbers in themselves were completely flawed, inflated. Yet there has been no attempt made to address that issue, the fraudulent declaration by Mingo. We are curious, one way or another, whether the Chair is going to ask the police to come and conduct a criminal investigation into the conduct of Mr Mingo and whoever his cohorts are.”

Shuman said that while there should be an investigation into the 2020 elections considering the allegations being thrown around, this should by law be in the form of an elections petition, which will be judged in the High Court based on its merits.