Why did she do it? Family of Kaieteur jumper still baffled

Dead: Roshinee Pagwah
Dead: Roshinee Pagwah took photos at the falls before deciding to kill herself.
Dead: Roshinee Pagwah took photos at the falls before deciding to kill herself.

[www.inewsguyana.com] – It has been ten days since the death of 21 – year – old Roshinee Pagwah, the female tourist, who jumped off the Kaieteur Falls and her family is still battling to come to grips with the unfortunate situation.

Phagwah’s body is yet to be retrieved from the bottom of the falls; it was spotted a few days ago and according to Police Commander ‘F’ Division, Ravindradat Budhram, the young lady’s remains are in the gorge of the Kaieteur Falls which makes it all the more difficult to retrieve.

However, the family is still trying to figure out what prompted the suicidal act as they try to cope with the devastating reality. Phagwah, of Abundance Reliance East Canje, Berbice lived with her mom Indra Ramshudit and Aunt, Oma Ramshudit.

On the day of her death, she left home at around 5:00 hrs and told her mother that she was accompanying a female friend to Georgetown to clear a barrel. The aunt and mother, who are trying to cope, said that two weeks before her death, Phagwah had took time off from her job at the Guyana Power and Light Company, after complaining of being ill.

However, they both said during her time off at home, she acted normal, expressing her outgoing personality. iNews understands that the mother has been inconsolable since the death of her only child and had been suffering from fluctuating hypertension.

She visited the doctor on several occasions and despite being counseled to help cope with the unfortunate event by social workers from Berbice and Georgetown, the mother said she is still grief stricken.

According to the aunt, they did not find any clues in the girl’s room that could have explained the reason behind her death. The suicide act appeared to be a planned one as the young lady, through social media, had expressed feeling depressed.

On Instagram, she posted a photo under the caption, “Having it all & still feeling sad”. She had also used Facebook to express sadness on the fifth year death anniversary of her high school boyfriend, who had killed himself after  she ended their relationship.

Many believe that the memory may have prompted the suicidal act.



  1. Friends, DEPRESSION is a killer.
    I have been through it, I seek peace in PRAYERS and I was able to pull it through.

    At times I would have PANIC ATTACKS,I quickly try to think and do something to defer that.

    PLEASE, whoever is going through these stages, find some one trustworthy to talk to.

    My deepest sympathy to the family of Ms Phagwah.

  2. I do believe that she felt that she was the reason for his death and that’s very sad. She was suffering emotionally.
    I don’t know if bereavement counselling is offered in Guyana but if not that’s something that should be introduced and be offered to the bereaved. I feel sad for her family and I pray that she rest in peace.

  3. For me, the final paragraph of this report, explains it; She had carried the ‘GUILT’ of her boy friend’s suicide all these five years, and decided that the only way to have ‘forgiveness’ is to do the same. No doubt, the previous “Kaieteur Jumper”, was the catalyst for her decision to take her life in this dramatic and high-profile suicide. My heart goes out to her mother, other relatives and colleagues and friends. RiP.


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