“Where is the Dictator?” APNU ramps up Protest action outside OP



By Fareeza Haniff

[www.inewsguyana.com] – A Partnership for National Unity (APNU) plans to mobilize the private sector, civil society and other Bodies to put pressure on President Donald Ramotar to reconvene Parliament as soon as possible.

The Party continued its protest action today, Tuesday, November 18 outside the Office of the President where Ramotar is currently in a cabinet meeting.

Leading the protest was APNU Parliamentarian, Annette Ferguson, who shouted: “Where is the Dictator?” In response, the protesters said: “He is ducking in there.”

Following his decision to prorogue Parliament on November 10 for a period of six months, President Ramotar had said that he would use the time to have ‘dialogue’ with the combined Opposition; an idea which Leader of the Opposition David Granger has since rejected.

APNU Leader, David Granger on the protest line outside Office of the President.
APNU Leader, David Granger on the protest line outside Office of the President.

Granger has made it clear that he will have no dialogue outside of Parliament. However, he told iNews today that to date, he did not receive an official invitation from the President for any dialogue.

On Friday, November 14, the President told the media at a news conference that he would invite the Opposition “within a few days” to the bargaining table.

The Opposition Leader noted that the protest action will continue as he plans to mobilize the Guyanese society, Private Sector, civil society, Non Governmental Organisations, Trade Unions and Religious Organisations to “bring pressure to bear on the PPP to demand that Parliament is reconvened at the earliest time possible.”

Meanwhile, Granger has joined his Alliance For Change (AFC) colleagues in not lending any support to the 2015 budget.

Protesters outside Office of the President.
Protesters outside Office of the President.

“We are aiming at supporting the No Confidence Motion if Parliament is recalled. We do not see the prospect of supporting the budget because we are more concerned now with matters that have come before the House in the last three years which have made the bringing of the No Confidence Motion necessary in the first place. It is very unlikely that we will reach that stage of a budget because the people are angry at having Parliament prorogued, they will be in no mood to discuss a budget,” Granger told iNews today.

He reminded that the government did not hold consultations with the Opposition for the 2013 and 2014 budgets.

“There have been no such consultations on the 2014, similarly the 2015 budget. So even if it comes to Parliament, it will not contain the economic change the APNU is looking for.”



  1. Okay mr. Singh, Seeing that you’re unable to answer the above questions, I will your cronie mr. Andrew to answer them all. Based from my observation, Andrew seems to be more educated than you and I. Also Andrew, while you will be giving the correct answer, please explain to us what makes your man a creep? But most importantly sir, please define for the word CREEP! (what is the meaning of the word creep)?

  2. I discern a lot of hate, arrogance, and malice. I suggest you gentle men stick to the facts. people need to get their facts right before they present anything to the public. If I may, I’ll like to ask mr. cake singh a few questions, and I will very much appreciate it if he can answer them. If he can? What did you mean mr. singh, when you said Jagdeo, neva see come fuh see? (never see come to see)? Are you sure Jagdeo is a low life? How do you know that he is a low life? What makes him a low life? How do you differentiate low life from high life? What did you use to measure life? Is your life higher than Jagdeo’s life? Is your life more valuable than Dr. Jagdeo’s life? Are you of more worth than the doctor life? Are you more educated than him? Are you more intelligent than him? I can ask fifty more questions you know? But I’ll stop here for now, and help you with one answer for a start. Dr. Jagdeo was honoured by the united nation as champion of the earth. also he receive a check for us$50,000.00 which he donated to the indigenous people. To date that’s the first and last honour given to man. I’ll like also to tell you and your cronies of a hundred and one good things that that gentle man did,

  3. When the ppl of Guyana vote for a government that is free from dictating and we all can live as one ppl one nation with our hearts loving Guyana, only then anything will happen in Guyana, the ppp win some cry, the pnc win same cry, we are the ppl and the government has to do what is expected of them, Guyana has too much to be in the state its in,

  4. If the PPP don’t do the right thing I will go to Guyana and as of 01st Jan I will walk across Guyana in solidarity of the life and struggle of Dr Cheddi Jagan because this is not what his dream of guyana was. The mistake was to give power to Jagdeo and he is a Neva see come fuh see low life. The AG seh suh he is not Chat-3.

  5. If some people really know how they appear to the rest of the world they would stop doing what they do in a hurry.
    Those that are protesting and shouting ignorace will never say their PNC never won a free fair transparent election in Guyana’s history.
    So since they cant win it they have to bully their way in.
    Do they know what democracy really is?
    They are too dumb not to see how they are damaging their own country.

  6. Is it okay for the PNC to continue crying, and complaing? Now they are in the street crying for power. Having a one seat majority in parliament was power in their hands, but The AFC want the PNC in the street. I can imagine how Ramjattan, and moses must be laughing their GUTS out. Who are the fools?

  7. The dictator is six feet under.
    Mr Granger did you not remember?
    His name is Forbes Burnham and you Sir was helping him achieve his
    corrupt rule.


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